DNA Lounge: Wherein the quest for slipmats continues.

Last February we had some DNA-branded turntable slip mats printed up. At the time, I predicted the DJs were going to walk off with them right away, but surprisingly, that hasn't happened very often! But, we're out of spares now, so we need to order some more. In fact, we've tried to order more on several occasions over the last year, with no luck at all. Apparently the people capable of printing slipmats are just amazingly flaky and unreliable, even by already-rock-bottom "internet commerce" expectations!

The place we got them from last time no longer respond to their email at all, and we haven't yet found another source. We have gotten very limited or no response at all from:

  • slipmatsource.com
  • scratchtools.com
  • djfocus.com
  • slipmatsonline.com
  • sqratchattack.com
  • brandeditems.com
  • rockstarpromos.com
  • customlogofactory.com
  • buy-dj-equipment.com
  • suniscreen.co.uk

We want to order four pairs to begin with, and if they actually arrive and we like them, we'll order more to sell in the store.

We're not interested in having them printed in the UK: apparently this is a big business over there, but the shipping would kill us.

Any other suggestions?


serial port to ethernet adapter

Do any of you have any experience with this sort of thing? I'd like to control the club's video switcher from a computer that is very far away (since having a computer next to it has turned out to be an expensive pain in the ass.)
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