xscreensaver 4.19

XScreenSaver 4.19 out now. Four new hacks this time (one by me), and a handful of minor updates. I'm pretty pleased with how "pinion" turned out.
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  1. iota says:

    i just wanted to personally thank you for XScreenSaver; a few years ago (when the money flowed like water) i worked in a network operations center that had three projection screens; i would run sonar on the screens during my shift. the CEO of the company, a former movie studio exec, saw this one day and was so impressed that i was promoted.

  2. I have to say that the composite video simulation code is by far the most orgasmic thing I've ever seen. I dunno, it's just beautiful to see in action. :)

  3. idcmp says:

    Thanks again for the sonar fix.

  4. go_team_ari says:

    Pinion does look really cool. fireworkx is pretty choppy and CPU-heavy on my system though (Pentium M 1.4 GHz).