The Watercube:
"The building's skin, made from an innovative and lightweight transparent 'teflon', abbreviated as etfe, has been designed to react specifically to lighting and projection."

Saw it here, found some more pictures here.


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  1. cmdrmoocow says:

    This looks spookily like the scene from the second Hypercube movie.

    Anyone else seen it?

    • I am obsessed with those movies. Everyone else thinks they're crap, but I find it fascinating throwing randon people into a completely unknown environment where they have to figure everything out. And the production scheme of the first movie was great: every wears the same uniform, and there's only one set; we just change the neon colors to indicate a different room in the cube.

      I hear a third one got released/is getting released.

      • omarius says:

        Mushrooms + Hypercube = Eek.

        We watched Cheech & Chong Up in Smoke right after.

        <lj user="admiralb">: What did you think [about Up in Smoke?]
        <lj user="omarius">: It was a nihilistic nightmare!

  2. roninspoon says:

    I almost hate to wave the pedantic flag here, but this isn't a cube. It's more like a water wafer, or pat.

    Sure looks cool though. I wonder how flammmable it is.

  3. The structure is apparently based on the work of one of my old lecturers on minimal surfaces and space-filling foams and such, hence the whole aesthetics of mathematics buzz.

  4. http://www.plasticprofiles.com/Tefzel.html

    Kinda pricy, but UV proof, seems strong enough (but I don't really know what the spec sheet numbers mean).

    It looks like a Bucky Fuller type structure.

  5. giles says: