"it was a gruesome sight"

Notes and Corrections:

BBC World and BBC News 24 ran an interview with a bogus Dow Chemical official who claimed the company admitted responsibility for the Bhopal disaster in 1984. He also claimed the company had established a $12 billion fund to compensate victims' families and survivors of the disaster.

The BBC has apologised to Dow and to viewers who may have been misled.

I have a paper copy of this print ad from 1962 about how Union Carbide was "Building a New India", apparently by having a giant, disembodied hand dump blood onto the fields.

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6 Responses:

  1. That's pretty impressive.

    Hopefully it will help draw attention to the issue that most people would just rather forget, especially the lovely folks at Dow.

  2. azul_ros says:

    That's awful!!! Didn't they just run that story yesterday???!!!!!

  3. rzr_grl says:

    That advert is one of the wrongest things evar. And you know why it's so wrong? Because it's almost honest.

    And then there's the creepy-ass picture.

  4. snooo says:

    The Yes Men, apparantly, did it.

    Look here and here

  5. mr_silly says:

    My ex-Brother-In-Law is an accountant. He was working on Union Carbide's taxes after the disaster. He claimed that they paid about $500 million in compenstaion, but were able to write off all of it, and wound up not losing a penny on the situation. He thought this was a wonderful situation, and was very proud of his work with Union Carbide. At dinner, I recall that he pulled out some Rush Limbaugh quote about Bhopal suggesting that the brown people weren't smart enough to run a chemical plant and it was somehow the victim's fault. I was very pleased when he broke up with my Sister-In-Law.

  6. jonabbey says:

    Union Carbide has some stuff up about the disaster at http://www.bhopal.com.

    They argue, with really very convincing detail, that the disaster at Bhopal was due to process sabotage.. apparently, an employee attached a water hose to a pressure gauge, and introduced a couple thousand pounds of water into a chemical tank. Said chemical not liking water very much at all, it reacted violently, causing a large venting out the emergency pressure relief safety valves.