I, for one, welcome our new transformer gimp cyborg overlords

"The Main Show, titled 'MOVE, LIVE,' will feature a theme of 'In Movement is Freedom. In Movement is Life.' Single passenger 'i-unit' concept vehicles and a mountable, walking 'i-foot' robot will join with dancers in a 'mobility performance' that will introduce the concepts of 'The Wonders of Living and Moving Freely' and 'The New Relationship Between People and Vehicles.' A 360-degree large screen will surround the audience and actors, and, together with other stage equipment, present the audience with scenes of nature and tomorrow's society."

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It's the little neon umbrellas that really make it work, don't you think?

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19 Responses:

  1. rsdio says:

    Man, being a cripple in the 21st century is going to kick ass.

  2. purgatorius says:

    Japanese theater looks vastly more interesting than ours.

  3. fantasygoat says:

    Just think of the porn.

  4. quercus says:

    Time for a new Triadic Ballet !

  5. oivas says:

    I'm so sorry, I had to use your Journal for this.

    I have written to you on jwz@jwz.org with regards to a feature for an IT magazine on one of your past projects.
    I write to you here because I'm not sure if my mail reached you there. Could you please confirm and let me know if you've received it-or if I'll need to resend it.

    Sorry once again.


  6. baconmonkey says:

    and yet you overlook all the other robot pictures, and the goofy as fuck concept drawings.

    I like the "My Segway has come to life and seeks to kill all humans" robot.

    plus there's a snazzy video in http://expo.toyota-g.com/index_en.html

  7. nightrider says:

    I realize I'm a little late arriving to the party, here... but I have the yet-unreleased, developer's version of Adobe Photoshop BS and it has a new feature under Image/Adjustments called "Photo enhance..."

    Well, I took to zooming in on the logo on one of the i-unit and here's what I found:

    the truth is out there

    Ok, show of hands, who saw this coming?

  8. My God, you can't kick poke them in the eyes, you can't kick them in the crotch! I only pray that the NRA of the future will be able to save us.