"Your folding method," she said flatly, "goes against everything I believe in."
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  1. brianenigma says:

    ...spindle, mutilate

  2. brad says:

    <lj user=dina> just tried it and she couldn't be happier.

    "All shirts get folded now!", she says.

    • legolas says:

      You didn't happen to find a way for long-sleeved things to fit into this? I tried it on a t-shirt, works great! But anything with sleeves...

  3. cryllius says:

    And I really thought it was a reference to a couple of theoretical physicists talking about folding dimensions.

  4. badger says:

    My folding technique is unstoppable!

  5. novas007 says:

    I discovered the flash version a few weeks ago, and I couldn't be happier with the results! Though, my girlfriend tried to teach me how to do it months ago, and I failed.

    ... Hey, at least it makes my roommate look at me funny.

  6. primroseport says:

    I saw another video of that same trick a few weeks ago and I actually thought it was a hoax... the girl did it so quickly, and with the editting (just like in this video), it just seemed to be a joke. But now there's no denying it. He's right about the shape depending on the size of the shirt--that's a bit annoying

    • tooluser says:

      But wait, shouldn't all your shirts be the same size?

      • primroseport says:

        Nope. I buy different kinds of shirts, for different reasons. Most of my shirts are from concerts--I am a tiny guy, 5'4'', very slender. Sometimes, concerts only offer large or extra large sizes. Often they offer medium, but even tis is quite large on me--though I've grown accustomed to wearing my shirts large. Smaller or independent bands sell different kinds--longer ones, smaller ones. Recently, the metal bands I like have started selling to women, so there are small sizes or even baby tees. If it's a choice between X-large and baby tee, I'd rather look like a glam rocker in a tight band shirt than a fool in a pajama sized shirt. :) Also, I cut shirts for different uses, for instance, those I wear for paintball games. There's my whole story!

  7. Just a few days ago, I was pointed at this:

  8. rawdogue says:

    Great! Now all I need is a flat surface that isn't covered in dog hair.