Another fine find by fantasygoat:

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  1. Nice optical illusion. If you stare hard enough you can see cheezy-poofs.

  2. cmdrmoocow says:

    That is very strange.

    Pretty girl, too.

  3. m4dh4tt3r says:

    uuummmmmm. OK.

  4. The rest of the set is @ (Under portfolio, under Reagan.)

  5. cryptomail says:

    Indeed, the site @ has a plethora of punked out, suicide-girlsesque visual candy. It's great photography with great subject matter :)!

  6. valacosa says:

    I think my favourite part of this entire picture is her facial expression given the perspective. "You want a cheeto? Please Take it. For me?"

    On another note, I never really thought of Cheetos as anything sensual. They're not chocolate-covered strawberries, they're pre-packaged deep fried junk food. Can you imagine a (geek?) sex scene where two lovers, instead of grapes, feed each other Cheetos?

    • Note that last year on Valentine's Day my girlfriend and I had Baby Duck (cheap-ass Canadian sparkling wine) and Nachos with melted cheese dip. Fun stuff. Although thankfully the nachos remained separate from the lovemaking portion of the evening.

    • missreagan says:

      yippy. someone "gets" the expression I was trying to convey perfectly.


  7. fantasygoat says:

    I'd marry that girl if I could.

  8. defenestr8r says:

    you made my night.
    not often people show me the right kind of cheesy porn!

  9. zecherman says:

    Cool picture!

  10. Those things'll turn your dick orange, man.

  11. hafnir says:

    I could pretty much tell it was Hypnox just by looking at it.

    Sharon and I met him when she did a shoot with him in Seattle a few years back, except her shoot involved more clothes and less calories, thankfully. :)

  12. brutsid says:

    I think the second best thing about this picture is the soap holder.

  13. neevita says:

    Yay for Hypnox!

    Badass photographer.

    (I am the bald clay chick)

  14. tritone says:

    It's like the family-friendly version of Tubgirl.

  15. jc says: