blinded by

via endotoxin The Onion


6 Responses:

  1. pete23 says:

    sweet as, too. result. of a sort.

    • ammonoid says:

      Do they speak English where you're from?

      No comprendo.

      • pete23 says:

        heh. not at that time in the morning we don't.

        i imagine i was alluding to the quality of the image and also the pulchritudinous nature of the lady involved. not particularly deep, but again - at that time in the morning, your plumb line hits sediment PDQ...

  2. azul_ros says:

    Oooh!! How scary!!

  3. lars_larsen says:

    "I'm a serial killer, AND I VOTE!"

  4. housepet says:

    Finally. Now I understand the recent election.