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I often scan through the wire service photos on Yahoo News, and over the years I started noticing a really strange trend. Many of the photos follow the same form: a picture of a person in the foreground, and on the background, a GIANT HEAD. Now, that's a clever picture once or twice, but it was happening so often that it really caught my attention. Was it always the same photographer? No, it turns out, it's not. So my best guess at this point is that one of the photo editors just has a GIANT HEAD fetish of some kind.

For no particularly good reason, I spent a year collecting them. Here, then, are the big heads of 2004.

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  1. ivorjawa says:

    Dude, I think you need to become gainfully employed in some soul-sucking engineering job again.

    Retirement has made you weird.

    (I had intended to inline the PLiF that had the rich guy eating hamburgers made from his own clones, but the PLiF site is giving a "bandwidth exceeded" message.)

  2. tritone says:

    Cool collection! You should publish a book, if you can get someone else to deal with getting all the republishing rights...

    As far as the widespread use of GIANT HEADS, I'd guess it's one of those exercises photographers get in their Composition 101 class that they end up using as a technique in their professional career. Angela could probably verify this...

  3. azul_ros says:

    That is very strange!!! Thanks for compiling them for those of us who's interests were peaked at that idea.

  4. autopope says:

    This motif reminds me of Ridley Scott's 1984 ad for the Apple Macintosh:It's not exact, but it's got a giant head ...Am I weird or something?(Note for <lj user="alluded_entropy">: that's "piqued", not "peaked". HTH.)

  5. Headhunter?

    Jesus, man, your sense of humour is Agony (Until Death).


  6. tfofurn says:

    I, for one, welcome our new background giant head rulers.

  7. certron says:

    My first idea: maybe it is because amplified reality it better than real-reality, so everything is made better with a nice big telescreen behind it. Also, now that I think about it, the shot reminds me of a photo I saw in the Baltimore Museum of Art, of a window screen with scattered water droplets in it, showing the scene behind it in miniature, only in this case it is reversed.

    My second thought is that it is part of a huge mind-control conspiracy to get people used to huge eyes watching them all the time. Even better if it were a live feed of the surveillant... Then, one could finally answer the question "Who watches the watchers?" only it probably wouldn't be very interesting, Unless there is some kind of interactive street theatre going on. Webcams meet interactive TV.

    As stated earlier by <lj user="tfofurn">, "I, for one, welcome our new background giant head rulers."

  8. romulusnr says:

    of course the first story in your list would be about fake testicles for dogs.

    invented, of course, because many pet owners avoid neutering their pets because male dogs look abnormal without testicles.

    obligatory old fark photoshop submission... wish i could find the source.

  9. alanocity says:

    That is awesome. Good work and sharp eyes.

  10. cetan says:

    Photo editors just have the same perspective fetish as the photographers themselves. Lack of originality is really more like it.

    But, as my spam box says: size sells.

  11. benc says:

    The BBC seem to be at it, too

  12. benc says:

    I saw this and thought of you...