DNA Lounge: Wherein the word "pigfuckers" is again used.

Here are some searches that have brought people to this web site this month:

  • "anything that can live on its own"
  • "dark booty gallery"
  • "streaming like the chipmunks"
  • "photo of immaculate conception"
  • "butt shaking AND clip art"
  • "potato gun ignition preparation"
  • "naked hula hooping"
  • "is hard, let's go shopping"
  • "d and a san francisco lounge"
  • "kicked in the nuts videos"
  • "wrestling slut"
  • "naughty agnes"
  • "pigfuckers"
  • "no space left on device"

I hope you all found what you were looking for.

So get this: when the Remedy guys started selling tickets to some of their events, they wanted to get the email addresses of people who bought tickets. There was already a checkbox to subscribe to the DNA Lounge mailing list, so we added a second one to allow people to subscribe to the event promoters' mailing lists too. (We added a second checkbox because from the beginning we've said "we won't share your email address with anyone without your permission" and that's not about to change.)

And then guess what? After we did that work for them, they decided to sell their tickets through some other web site instead -- because they don't think people should be given the option of not being spammed. That's right: they would rather not sell you a ticket than lose the ability to spam you. So they went with a ticket merchant whose privacy policy says, basically, "our customers may choose to spam you until the end of days."

I'm feeling the love, I really am.