"wait for the BEEEEEP, haaaackers, wait for the. BEEEEeeeeeEEEEEP."

Associate Member Referral:

"For every three new members who name you as their inspiration for joining, your choice of FSF founder and president Richard Stallman or FSF counsel and scholar Eben Moglen will record a personalized greeting ready for use on your answering machine. Greet your callers with a prominent voice of software freedom."
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The Watercube:
"The building's skin, made from an innovative and lightweight transparent 'teflon', abbreviated as etfe, has been designed to react specifically to lighting and projection."

Saw it here, found some more pictures here.


history of suppression of dissent

Geof Stone has been posting some interesting historical/political stuff to Lessig's blog over the last few days:


now with extra "edgy"

Proof That Any Hackneyed Franchise Can Be Made Interesting; A Short Story

The Cubes

More fun than The Sims, I imagine:
"Finally, the drudgery of corporate life has been captured in a play set for adults! Bob, Joe, Ted, and Ann spend eight hours a day, five days a week, at tiny desks in tiny cubicles in a giant room packed with countless similar cubicles in a giant building filled with countless similar rooms."


Millions of Bees Spilled on Vegas Freeway

A truck carrying 12 million honeybees hit a wall on a highway ramp, dumping its load across the pavement shortly before the evening rush hour.

The truck was carrying 480 bee colonies, each with 25,000 insects, to California to pollinate the state's almond crop when it struck the wall Wednesday afternoon.

The collision spilled the bees and gallons of honey onto the highway and forced troopers to close the southbound ramp between Interstate 15 and U.S. Highway 95 for more than four hours.

State police believe the driver lost control on the curving ramp.

Authorities summoned beekeepers to help but decided capturing the bees alive would take too much time and money. Firefighters doused the insects with water to kill them.

"We're talking millions of bees," said Don Grogan, owner of Sedona Honey Co. in Las Vegas, who was helping with the cleanup. "And tomorrow they'll all be dead. ... It breaks my heart."

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xscreensaver 4.19

XScreenSaver 4.19 out now. Four new hacks this time (one by me), and a handful of minor updates. I'm pretty pleased with how "pinion" turned out.
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