FDR and Pearl Harbor

FDR and Pearl Harbor:

According to Stinnett, the answers to the mysteries of Pearl Harbor can be found in the extraordinary number of documents he was able to attain through Freedom of Information Act requests. Cable after cable of decryptions, scores of military messages that America was intercepting, clearly showed that Japanese ships were preparing for war and heading straight for Hawaii. [...] This meticulous research led Stinnet to a firmly held conclusion: FDR knew. [...]

Disinformation: Yet, you, yourself, don't disparage and don't have a negative view of FDR.

Robert Stinnett: No, I don't have a negative view. I think it was his only option to do this. And I quote the chief cryptographer for the Pacific fleet, who said, "It was a pretty cheap price to pay for unifying the country."

... [Provoking an attack] was used by President Polk in the Mexican War in 1846. And also by President Lincoln at Fort Sumter And then also, as I say, another example is Viet Nam, this Gulf of Tonkin business.

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