you might need that some day

Shim Jae-cheol of U&I Impression said the firm had gold-plated about 80 to 100 umbilical cords a month since starting business in August, with prices ranging from $76 to $96. It also offers mail order. "The company got the idea from mothers just storing umbilical cords and navels in an album or what-not," said Suk Tae-jin of Agamo.

9 Responses:

  1. Don't they know that you're supposed to eat it?

  2. icis_machine says:

    apparently i'm in the minority. my mom kept that damn scab in the baby book. it wasn't until a few years ago, i was told this wasn't normal. maybe it's just a midwest thing.

    but we didn't bronze. just the shoes, not the scab.

  3. anaisdjuna says:

    At least over there it is actually yours...

    In the US & EU it is legally owned by big pharma, but claimed by the church.

  4. billy_goto says:

    Hey, there's good stem cells in that cord!!
    Keeping the cord is a possibly useful idea.
    Gold-plating can't be good for the stem cells, tho. :)