today in teledildonics news

I, for one, welcome our new softly vibrating robotic velour overlords:

The device, which is about the size of a throw pillow but as firm as a seat cushion, is shaped like a person about to give a hug, with two arms reaching up and out from a small torso.

To send a hug, the grandchild would squeeze the left paw of her device and speak her grandfather's name into a microphone in the top of the torso. Voice recognition software in the processor in the device identifies the name and matches it to a preset phone number corresponding to the other Hug. The girl's Hug calls the grandfather's, which lights up and plays sounds. To accept the hug, he squeezes the left paw and says hello, opening a direct voice link between the two.

Once the connection is established, the girl squeezes or pats the device. Sensors convert those motions into a data stream that is sent to the other Hug and converted on that end into vibrations through small motors embedded in the device. Thermal fibers around the Hug's belly radiate heat that increases with time. The hug is ended by pressing the right paw and saying goodbye.

If someone is not home to receive a hug, the other person can leave a message that includes voice and vibration patterns. The Hug can store up to four messages.

(See also LoveLump.)

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10 Responses:

  1. vincel says:

    That'll go just great with your Rez trance vibrator.

  2. ydna says:

    The hug is ended by pressing the right paw and saying goodbye.

    Or cutting the phone line. For that is surely what I would do just before setting fire to this monstrosity.

  3. lushlush says:

    Mind-bogglingly creepy.

  4. injector says:

    If the left paw is squeezed repeatedly is it possible to strangle by wire?

  5. macguyver says:

    Welcome to the monkeysphere.

  6. cwillu says:

    Does this mean that my years of faith in RemoteStragulationProtocol have not been for naught?

  7. zuvembi says:

    I'm surprised it hasn't shown up on Jamie's LJ previously.

    • jwz says:

      See, the thing that was missing there was a modem and a vibrator. And thus, we continue the relentless march of progress.

  8. anaisdjuna says:

    If ever I were to welcome an overlord it would be a vibrating one!

    Vive Teledildonics!