The Riddler Makes an Announcement

"So why am I hanging up the big question mark?
Oh, I could dance around my reasons, dropping a few hints in the process and let you piece it together yourselves. But that would be both unfair and in direct violation of our company regulations against self-riddling."

2 Responses:

  1. zuvembi says:

    And I don't think most people understand that like we do. It's odd, I still meet people when I'm giving interviews or talking to a school group or what have you who say, Why not just rob a bank? Or pull off some insurance fraud or hijack an armored car or something? And I say, just as I've been saying since the Eisenhower administration, Where's the joy in that? Where's the beauty? Or they say to me, Well, maybe you shouldn't leave so many clues around all the time, since they serve no benefit in committing the crime and, if anything, make it easier to be caught.

    But a life without poetry is a life squandered, yes? Still, it wears on me.


    That's just beautiful. It's so rare to find someone taking that kind of joy in craftmanship these days.

  2. torgo_x says:

    Yay <lj user="mcsweeneysrss">!