The Incredibles

Go see it immediately! So great. Better than Monsters Inc.

(And tequilarista is in the credits!)

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  1. devpreed says:


    I thought Monsters, Inc. was a better story. But I have to agree with you that a) the story was better than most of the crap on the big screen these days, so my earlier criticism isn't saying much and b)... well... I'll just quote myself:

    • At a number of points throughout the movie, I had to remind myself that what I was watching was indeed rendered and not filmed. Yes... they're that good.
    • The wife, "Helen Parr/Elastigirl" is an instrument rated pilot. She flies a jet in the movie, and they actually got the dialogue when she was talking to ATC correct!! I was shocked, the stunned, then impressed, and then giddy.

    And seeing Tara's name was really cool; people were staring at me when I was telling my friends "I know her. I KNOW HER!!"

    Maybe I was yelling it... I don't know.

    • jwz says:

      Well, I loved Monsters Inc., but I think I liked this one more. This may be a factor of having seen this more recently, or perhaps of my having more affinity for underwear perverts than for furries.

      I see there's a video game out already; wonder if it's any good?

      • devpreed says:

        Yay for co-marketing!

        I was actually thinking to myself that it would be fun to fly one of those "disk machines" that tries to kill The Incredibles on the island.

        But then I thought they'd never make that into a game for the movie... because of the whole... y'know... killing the protagonists as opposed to helping them out.

      • tequilarista says:

        I picked it up for Gamecube. It's not half bad, though not particularly challenging. The movie tie-ins are pretty good and the levels are fairly diverse, especially as you get to play many different characters.

        It's WAY better than the Finding Nemo game, which was pathetic.

  2. luserspaz says:

    Considering the primary market is likely children, there weren't any points in the movie where I groaned at the silliness. I thought the character portrayal was very accurate, none of it seemed overdone or cartoony.

  3. webserf says:

    I dunno... Monsters Inc. had Jennifer Tilly after all.

  4. The really neat thing about the movie—well, okay, there were a zillion really neat things, but the thing that particularly struck me—is what the movie didn't have in it. It didn't have any gaping plot holes, it didn't have characters acting against their motivations or acting incredibly stupid for the sake of the plot (what I refer to as the "sleepgas the holodeck" problem, after an episode of Star Trek TNG where they went to great lengths to keep the primitive natives inside a malfunctioning holodeck in the dark about their enviroment when they could just have flooded it with sleeping gas for long enough to fix the damn thing and the natives would have been little the wiser).

    The characters were all well-rounded, fully-realized individuals without resorting to stereotypes. For example, it would have been so, so easy for them to make Mr. Incredible the "dumb and lucky" type, like The Tick. But instead, he was rather clever. When you saw him in action, even out of shape with a pot-belly, you could believe that he earned his heroing sobriquet.

    The other big thing was that the family interaction felt real, unlike 99.9% of TV families which are just fake, fake, fake. The characters reacted just as you would expect any family whose members care about each other very much to act in crisis situations—even when those situations were such that only a superhero could get into them. There was no saccharine nudge-nudge-wink-wink-through-the-third-wall moralizing, either.

    And the score just kicked total John Barryesque cinematic butt.

    Anyway, I talk about it at greater length in the last few posts in my essay journal, if anyone's vaguely interested... :)