The Faint

Saw The Faint yesterday at Bimbo's, and they put on a great, energetic show. They sounded a lot like their recorded material, yet were much more of a live band than I expected; the electronics were still there, but they felt more "rock". They also had really great visuals: they played videos on two screens behind the band that were synched with the music, and it integrated really well. It felt more like a "stage backdrop" than like "there's a band, and also a movie."

The opening acts, "Beep Beep" and "TV on the Radio" were also good.

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  1. 0jla says:

    Holy crap, jwz is listening to music I've heard of.

    I done seen that show when it came around Portland. I came for TV on the Radio.

  2. sad no make it

  3. 33mhz says:

    Another surprisingly good live act is Mouse on Mars. You'd never think it, given how intricately composed their stuff sounds on CD. They too give their songs a lot more punch. It really brings out the hidden genre of each track. It's very weird to hear them turn stuff on Niun Niggung into full on Funk.

    • geektalk says:

      It's even weirder when they do it to tracks off of Iaora Tahiti. They did a medley of a bunch of older (pre-Idiology) tracks, bought up to date with their new (post-Idiology) style. And it sounded really good!

      I first saw them live like 8 years ago when they were just beeping around and playing with a theramin, but slowly but surely, they've turned into full-on rockstars in their live show. Fun.

  4. irishmasms says:

    I caught the Fain twice so far this tour, once in Omaha & in Lawrence, KS. I enjoyed the shows that much that I am thinking of seeing their show here in Vegas next week.

  5. msjen says:

    Thanks for pointing out who the opening bands were, because I thought they were good too, except I was too lazy to go find out their names, which somehow I missed.

    It was indeed an excellent show -- I saw them at The Grand on Tuesday and I was really impressed. I bet the sound was better at Bimbo's, though.