seeking DNA Halloween photos

If you took pictures at any of the DNA Lounge Halloween festivities this weekend, please send them to me for the web site!

"The away team demands your photos."

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9 Responses:

  1. kyronfive says:

    Greetings, cosmonauts, we are here for your women.

  2. sooooo, sooooo amazing.

  3. eqe says:

    Nice costumes, but it sure made you hard to talk to. Also, I liked the zero-G dancing.

  4. tfofurn says:

    NASA: stretching the world's necks, one spine at a time.

  5. psymbiotic says:

    I took a few pictures, that I'll be happy to send to you. :>

    Egan >:>

  6. internebbish says:

    Excellent helmets too. Weren't those from some like sixties toy set?

  7. edlang says:

    The sewing? You were complaining about sewing on badges? And ironing on badges?

    Badges? I'm guessing you were never a Scout.

    Nice costumes, though!

  8. gths says:

    What colour is their home strip?

  9. bitwise says:

    Offtopic, but you might find interesting: First Avenue has declared bankruptcy and closed.

    Quick recap: the old manager, fired a month ago by the dickhead owner of First Avenue the company, got together with the owner of First Avenue the building, and evicted First Avenue the company. He (the old manager, widely known as the heart and soul of First Avenue) promises to reopen the club, but since the old dickhead owner owns the name and the liquor license, it's unclear how easy this will be.

    Since the soul of the club was mostly because of the old manager and employees, this might be a positive step (because the old manager will be in charge again) but if they lose all their old employees (not to mention customers) because of months waiting for a new license, it might be impossible to get back the magic they once had.