"so I can look at you from inside as well."

"Outraged Dutch actress Georgina Verbaan is to publish x-rays of her assets online after speculation that she underwent a breast augmentation in advance of a $120,000 appearance in the December issue of Dutch Playboy. The implant-free mams will reportedly appear sometime this week on her website."
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DNA Lounge: Wherein photos are presented, and the bottom of the barrel is breached.

The back office (what one might laughingly refer to as the "server room") now has an air conditioner! We've reconsidered our policy of keeping the computers absolutely as hot as we possibly can, and are trying another tactic for a while. We're managing to keep the temperature down around a balmy 80 degrees, and I'm telling you, it's like the fuckin' arctic in there now. There was supposedly ventilation in that room already, but it has never done a damned thing. We've even lost track of which way the air supposedly flows in the existing ducts. Anyway, we picked up a bulbous floor-mount AC and poked its tube out the erstwhile window, so it vents into the 3" gap between the buildings. It seems to be working ok, and it has only popped the circuit breaker once.

Photos are now up of Sunday's Epoxies / Phenomenauts / Smash Up Derby show, and of Tuesday's Laibach / Bonfire Madigan show.

Smash Up Derby are pretty entertaining; they played mix-and-match covers, like the music from "Smells Like Teen Spirit" with the lyrics from "Billie Jean". The Phenomenauts are a space-themed rockabilly band, and they were a lot of fun too. One of the guys introduced a song by saying, "ladies and gentlemen, some other planets have been saying they're better than Earth, what do we think about that?" The audience booed, and they went into a song called "Earth is The Best!"

But The Epoxies are my new favorite band. (Yeah, I'm fickle.) Man, they were so great! They do a punk/new wave thing, sort of in the Devo vein. They were really energetic, totally spastic and theatrical, and put on one of the best shows I've seen in a long time. Go check out the videos on their web site, especially "Stop Looking At Me".

Laibach: I still don't get it. At all. Apparently there is some ironic appeal here that continues to go swoosh right over my head.

If you are the type to slow down and rubberneck at car crashes, then I can recommend this Saturday's event, the... "Pajama Jammy Jam". Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, we are no longer scraping the bottom of the barrel: we have gone straight through the barrel and are now gouging great big chunks out of the floor beneath. I think it's safe to say that this will top 2001's "Naughty Christmas" as the tackiest, most tasteless event ever to grace our hallowed hall. Strong words, I know, but consider: there's a lingerie contest. And it's sponsored by a party bus company.

Here's how awesome this is going to be: you know Remedy, our stultifyingly mainstream Friday night event? The Remedy guys complained that if we do events like the "Jammy Jam", we're going to give Remedy a bad reputation.

Welcome to the next level.

In more pleasant news, here are some events that you should totally come to in a completely non-sarcastic way:



What's the worst thing about the new JFK assassination simulation game?

    Every time you win, you get shot to death by Jack Ruby   368   40.8%
    No multi-player mode, unlike the real version   351   39.0%
    High scorer lists are immediately classified for some reason   96   10.7%
    Cursor keeps going back and to the left when it shouldn't   86   9.5%

now is the time on sprockets when we post chat logs

jwz: I do so love baiting furries
kiad: oh? do you have a url for me to laugh at?
jwz: the cameron post on my lj
kiad: *lauadadhas*
you are going to hell
jwz: I am?
kiad: well, if he's right, and he really is decended from a long line of wolf gods. then yes.
jwz: what's the furry word for "antisemetic"?
kiad: you know, I'm rather pleased that I don't have any idea.
jwz: is "trekkiebashing" a hate crime?

<LJ-CUT text=" --More--( 9%) ">

kiad: well- I guess it depends on if you think this is voluntary of involuntary retardation or malformation.
I mean, do you laugh at people with cerebral palsey? (I sometimes do, but I feel bad about it)
jwz: sometimes I feel bad about it, but not usually
kiad: I like to think they really do have something profoundly broken.
jwz: all humor derives from the suffering of others
kiad: I don't know. I was thinking about making out with someone on a huge whiteboard while figuring out my math homework
and this made me laugh
maybe it was my own suffering, however.
jwz: I have no response to that
kiad: hahaha
so- yeah
you are oppressing him
he has a little fur covered belief system
jwz: I totally want to be oppressed!
kiad: and jews have their little hat covered old book thumping belief system
jwz: what can I accuse people of oppressing me for?
kiad: hmm. see, you are hard to oppress, because you won't back things with beliefs.
this makes you a pain in the ass.
you have values and opinions, but, they are based in shadenfreud. and no one can argue with the appeal there.
hmm. I guess you could be oppressed for living in a country with an oppressive dictator.
jwz: they hate me for my scientific method!
kiad: yes.
they do
jwz: that's been done, though
kiad: so do I.
they essentially hate you for hating them
I like how he said he's always respected you
jwz: hmmmm
kiad: although he knows you laugh at furries
seems kinda weird to me
jwz: "don't hate me just because I think you're a dumbass!"
kiad: hmm
you wouldn't say that, though.
"your hate for me makes me laugh harder at you"
jwz: right, I'd be all, "go ahead and hate me, just don't talk to me about it"
kiad: you'd probably say that.
I guess your taste in music could be laughed at.
but, it really isn't very funny
jwz: well, some of it is
kiad: hahah
jwz: I do own truly what-was-I-thinking numbers of lords of acid releases
kiad: maybe you just dont' offer people enough opportunities to laugh at you
hey. I just discovered lords of acid.
they did a robot song
so um. thats the one song I know!
jwz: perhaps I don't. how do you recommend I make an ass of myself?
kiad: hahha
no wonder I hate you
well, you'd have to be irrational, and brag about it.
or be histronic about something.
you should pick a day to be totally irrational and baseless in every way
and just not fact-check, and allow every brief fantasy to be accepted as a true belief
then you'll be laughable, just like everyone else
if only for a day
jwz: but I never fact check!
kiad: you are such a liar
jwz: well, not often
kiad: I sent you that IQ and voting tally
jwz: mostly I pick things for maximal "funny" not maximal "true"
kiad: and you totally sent me a url telling me it was false
you ruined the funny factor
jwz: well I didn't go *looking* for that, I had just *seen* it already
kiad: bah
jwz: yeah, you should totally hate me for that
kiad: well, you didn't have to ruin it for me
cause then I had to ruin it for everyone else
and within moments, NO ONE BELIEVED IT
no thanks to you.
except the furries.
they still believe.
this is an arctic wolf with blue eyes and a navel piercing.
interested in computers and BDSM
hows your visual picture?
jwz: what, I can't hear you, I'm scrubbing out my brain with a wire brush
kiad: wow. you have awesome fans
your fans are probably the worst ever
what kind of a LOSER attracts fans like that
at least mine send me jewelry
and break into my house to do my laundry
jwz: warren ellis's fans are worse
kiad: heh
jwz: but I'll bet more of them show him their tits
kiad: I bet so
but, I bet he doesn't mind that much
jwz: wait, laundry? huh?

I think I should post this log now
kiad: you better not
jwz: HAH!

will you hate me?
kiad: I can't decide
why are you going to post it?
to laugh at me or the conversation?
jwz: because I think it's funny!
kiad: hahah
you can't decide what you are laughing at!
jwz: perhaps I will post it friends only so that furboy doesn't think it's all about him
kiad: hahaha
what an ego boost that would be for him
you know- it would only serve to rally the troops
jwz: which troops? I get troops now? cool!
kiad: which would be interesting in its own right
the furrykin troops!
you dont' have jwzish troops
hmm. you know. somehow, it seems more wrong to be a plushie fan as opposed to a furry fan.
I don't know why- but masturbating on a pound puppy seems so much more wrong than having sex with a human in a dog costume.
jwz: tough call.
kiad: you see what I mean though, right?
jwz: I'm not so sure
kiad: I mean, at least with the latter, you probably know it is a human, you are just playing around.
but with the first, you are either getting off on the fact that it is a deadish animal like thing, or that it is an actual animal.
I have no idea why they do it
and even trying to intellectualise it is skeeving me out.
"is it the stuffing? the fur? The little pointy ears? the tail? oh god my brain is calling out to my wolf mother! Aroo! Aroo!"
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peering at a basketball

James Cameron on exploration:

Space is a vacuum. There is, by definition, nothing there. When we talk about exploring space, we really mean exploring the objects careening around in space - planets, moons, the occasional comet. So space is a hurdle, an ocean that must be crossed to reach a destination. Unfortunately, for three-quarters of the space age it has been treated as a destination in and of itself.

The last time humans crossed space to a destination was the Apollo 17 mission in 1972. In the 32 years since, no man has seen, with his own eyes, Earth as that beautiful, solitary blue sphere, and - reality check - no woman has ever seen it at all. We've been only to low Earth orbit since 1972, and from that altitude of 220 miles, looking at the 7,900-mile-diameter Earth is like peering at a basketball with your cheek pressed against it. Yes, you'll see curvature, but you're not seeing the whole thing. We've spent 32 years "exploring space" in low Earth orbit. Exploring nothing. To stay in orbit you have to go 17,000 mph, or Mach 25. So we've spent three decades going nowhere fast.


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ia! ia!

Woman Devouered by Triply Periodic Minimal Shoggoth:

The inflatable goat with a thousand young is now available for the low low price of only $4700. Act now, the stars are right.

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Disclaimer stickers for science textbooks:

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Our Leader

The billboard pictured,
which is on I-4, says that it is a "political public service message brought to you by Clear Channel Outdoor."

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"Just Say No!"

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