"Out of my way, liberal pansy!"

"I don't care if it's your library, I'm the President! Damn straight!"


19 Responses:

  1. ralesk says:

    Haha, what a rude asshole

  2. waider says:

    with President Bush squeezing past Mr. Clinton out the glass doors of the library and Mr. Clinton giving him deference with a guiding hand at his back.

    I've been trying to find that article about the body language of such actions, but I seem to recall it saying that the person behind, in particular if they did the "guiding hand on the back" bit, is the person psychologically higher up the pecking order.

    For all the good that does.

  3. gths says:

    I wonder how often the FBI will go through Clinton's library...

  4. It's sad that Clinton can only afford to buy his library's porters miniature, novelty caps.

  5. flense says:

    Well, that was all a bunch of mushy bullshit. Though, the interesting thing is that, as some have claimed to me, Chelsea Clinton is no longer ugly. Weird.

    • majcher says:

      When I read the story about the opening in the NYT, my first thought was, "Damn! Who's that chick Billy's about to make out with?" followed immediately by, "Jeez, Hilary sure lets him get away with a lot in public..."

  6. tregoweth says:

    Kinda makes you wish Clinton hadn't lost all that weight after his heart surgery.

  7. Nice to see that Bill finally got that adult bookstore he's always dreamed of open.

  8. spendocrat says:

    Whoooop whoop whoop whoop whoop!

  9. mark242 says:

    If all the right-wing chumps want to "Amend for Arnold" I say we push to "Amend for Bill". Let Clinton serve a third term. And a fourth. And a fifth, sixth, etc etc.

    • transgress says:

      how do you open that door without allowing for a 3rd,4th or 5th term for w?

      pandora's box is best left closed.

      • mark242 says:

        that's assuming that w could beat the original bush-unseater in an election.

        • You have a short memory. The only reason Clinton won was Perot. He divided the conservative vote. If Perot hadn't re-entered the race it's most likely Bush 41 would have won a second term. Of course we'd never have had all the fun of the Blue Dress Incident and the half-billion the Conservative Witchhunters blew trying to unseat King Bill - but that's another discussion.

          • jonabbey says:

            Clinton got more votes than Dole and Perot combined in 1996, though.

            Also, there was a fair amount of Republican fatigue in 1992. 12 years of continuous Republican control of the White House left a bunch of folks looking for something else to do with their vote. It's not at all clear that all those Perot votes in 92 would have gone to Bush Pere.

            • Perhaps... That whole "Read my lips" thing for Bush 41 really did go badly. Why Bush 41 thought the democrats would actually use a tax increase to go against the deficit and NOT use it against him later in the election I'll never know.

              There were multiple factors, to be sure. But on my observations I think Perot running was at the top of that list.

          • master_meio says:

            David Duke should run for president in 2008, and give the republicans their new Ralph Nader.