Our Leader

The billboard pictured,
which is on I-4, says that it is a "political public service message brought to you by Clear Channel Outdoor."

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  1. sc00ter says:


    The pic of Bush looks like it was edited in. Clear Channel says it's not theirs and taht they don't do that kind of ad.

    Obviously people are saying they've seen it.

  2. susano_otter says:

    Why would Clear Channel put their name on the billboard, then issue a press release saying it's not their billboard?

    Clearly, this is the work of a highly advanced anarcho-syndicalist collective.

  3. defenestr8r says:

    how perfect that my unamerican order showed up today, including this sticker:

  4. fo0bar says:

    Every once in awhile, we need to be reminded that he officially represents and "leads" our country.

  5. Speaking as a conservative.. I'd just like to say...

    Damn.. that's really fucking odd...

    • vxo says:

      Ugh. I fucking hate Clear Channel. They have for years been working hard with their cronies in local government to make Miami-Dade County their bitch. Only, their newest billboards here are more often than not "Jumbotron" screens, which they can place animated, flashing, and generally irritating as fuck ads upon. Niiiiice.

      I'd like to figure out how those "Jumbotron" screens get updated, and if that's easily hackable......

  6. loosechanj says:

    I'm seriously considering a vanalism attempt.

  7. transgress says:

    what surprises me, is when people are surprised that a company/corporation would support bush- he is most obviously in their best interest. It should come as no surprise to anyone when you actually look at the situation. It's like being surprised that 'the rich' also support him.

    • phs says:

      Is it in their best interests if he and the "Republicans" in Congress somehow manage to default on the debt?

      Then again maybe their plan is really to solve the energy crisis by harnessing the rotational energy of all the real Republicans spinning in their graves...

      • transgress says:

        Is it in their best interests if he and the "Republicans" in Congress somehow manage to default on the debt?

        Do you really think they care if they make fortunes from tax breaks and credits and they continue pushing for opening up the borders to allow them to make the mexicans compete against the even poor-er equadorians (sp?) for work. Plus seriously, the more into debt they go, the more they are owned.

        I won't even touch the real republicans comment, all of our politicans have been self-interested crooks since day 1, anyone who thinks otherwise read what they were told in the history books instead of reading them. Rich men protecting themselves from other Rich men.

        • flipzagging says:

          You obviously have a more sophisticated appreciation of history than most.

          But anyway, some rich people do care, even out of self-interest. Morgan Stanley analyst predicts economic 'armageddon'

          (via William Gibson at <lj user="gibsonfeed"/>).

          • transgress says:

            hrm i am not sure if the first comment was sincere or sarcastic, however i will just say 'thank you'.

            The second one doesn't surprise me at all, its the truth none of us want to face. We stand around waving our flags and buying anything and everything shiny on our credit cards while outsourcing the labor, drop billions (literally) on iraq and other nations [in fact we spend more annually on defense than the other top 49 highest defense spending countries .. combined [ ie us spending = x, other top 49 countries spending = y, x > y ])]. All 'great' things come to an end, and oh so often with a whimper- the question is not 'if', but rather when.

          • jkonrath says:

            A Morgan Stanley advisor says that foreign governments should drop their investments in the US dollar and move to short term paper, which, coincidentally Morgan Stanley backs execution of? That's about as informational as a Dateline NBC special on why we should all switch to nuclear power.

  8. rantzilla says:

    na-na na-na na-na na-na
    na-na na-na na-na na-na

  9. doubleyou says:

    Wow, I'm surprised nobody has photoshopped it yet to read "All Your Base are Belong To Us".

  10. baconmonkey says:

    Then she said, "perhaps we're using the wrong name." She thought a moment and then said, "instead of saying 'God,' let's say 'Our Leader.' Let's pray to Our Leader for candy. Let's pray very hard and don't open your eyes till I say."


  11. klarfax says:

    How the fuck is that a public service message?

  12. jonabbey says:

    Not to deny the validity of the story, but it may be a matter of some interest to know that PrisonPlanet.com is run by Alex Jones, of Austin Cable Access. He's a rampant nut ball. You know Waking Life? Alex was
    the one ranting into the microphone while driving around Austin.

    That's Alex Jones, for all your paranoid schizophrenic conspiracy theory needs.