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  1. You got red on you. - SOTD

  2. kingfox says:

    I'd seen all of them except the last before, and had co-workers asking to see something along the lines of the last one all day yesterday. Thank you!

  3. alex_victory says:

    Woah... in that last map, what are the BLACK districts?

    I think I live in one...

  4. mcfnord says:

    jesusland would invade and conquer enough of california to have a deepwater port. jesusland is all about war for resources.

  5. jerronimo says:

    There's always a graph too... (How much population density has to do with party affiliation...)

  6. chrisglass says:

    This one likely won't last long. Taken from a site that repeatedly is having it "removed"

  7. jhf says:

    If I wanted to live in Texas, I'd move to Texas. *hint hint*

  8. leolo says:

    All these maps redrawing North America and no one includes the Republic of Québec. Ah well, such is life.

  9. sfllaw says:

    According to the second map, Vancouver Island is now part of Russia?

  10. fantasygoat says:

    When I saw the Jesusland one earlier today I laughed out loud. The name amuses me.

  11. evildrgo says:

    Definitely like the Tropic of Canada. We Canadians need some place warm to head to besides Florida.

    • caprinus says:

      I also note THAT map doesn't show Newfoundland. I presume we traded it to the Hawaiians, so they'd have somewhere to go to "get away from that awful heat".

  12. karlshea says:

    What would be interesting is to see that last map have the color saturation adjusted by population per square mile. I bet most of the red would really be dull grey.

  13. ammitbeast says:

    Damned Canadians! You're all going to hell! Thanks, buddah!

  14. badc0ffee says:

    I would extend Jesusland north into Alberta. That's the prevailing political sentiment here. (myself not included)

  15. wackjobbery says:

    Purple looks more blue than red to me, even the 50/50 mix in the legend. Although the purple map makes me feel good, I think it may be misleading. I'd like to see what the map would look like if red indicated Kerry, and blue indicated Bush.

  16. asan102 says:

    Proud to be a citizen of Miniwillinois.