"Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?"

Greek lawyers are threatening to sue the makers of film epic Alexander for showing the ruler as bisexual.
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  1. evan says:

    "[He] was an explorer in the deepest sense of the word".


  2. Well, damn... speaking as a Greek all I have to say to the Greek lawyers is...

    WAH! Cry me a freaking river....

    Alexander was a bisexual - it was common practice in that time period. Certainly a past I consider repugnant, but it is what it is...

    • cadmus says:


      You've got to be shitting me.

      • sc00ter says:

        Look at his user icon.. Do you expect anything else?

      • cetan says:

        Oh no, someone that doesn't think like you!

        The horror!

        • cadmus says:

          Yeah, you're right. I'm sure that a lot of homophobes get a lot out of JWZ's stuff. Them and their Christian friends.

          • There is NO such thing as a homophobe. That's a term coined by the liberals and homosexuals to try to tear down the simple fact that "social conservatives" disagree with the homosexual lifestyle.

            • cadmus says:

              Is it the ass pounding sex you don't like or the lifestyle?

              • I'm truly sorry that you can't deal with the fact that most people don't think like you outside of your circle of friends..

                Oh who am I kidding... No I'm not..

                • cadmus says:

                  I'm sorry. Was that an answer to the question I asked?

                  • Oh I'm sorry.. I thought it was a rhetorical comment..

                    And I still do.

                  • cadmus says:

                    I'll mark that one down to you being afraid of the mangina action then.

                    Thanks. Now go burn a cross or something.

                  • Assume whatever you want. I'm "afraid" of nothing. I just don't agree with it.

                    And thanks for comparing me to a Nazi or KKK member just because I don't agree with your perspectives on things. Nice to see the "party of tolerance" is alive and well...

                  • jwz says:

                    I'd like to know -- because as far as "the lifestyle" goes, I am no fan of disco or house music. I certainly do not agree with that choice. But I really don't care who pounds who's ass. I think I speak for the whole community here when I say that we are still curious about where you stand on the ass-pounding issue.

                  • I don't care who pounds who's ass or with what. But that doesn't mean I personally can't find the lifestyle repugnant.. get it?

                    You going to call me a cross-burner now, too, jwz?

                    I think Ted Nugent put it best; "If you wanna dip your knife into rancid peanut butter and anchovy paste - that's fine - just don't spread any on me."

                  • jwz says:

                    Dude, how could I say anything about about someone who quotes Ted Nugent?

                    ...that would be like laughing at a cripple.

                  • Y'know... I was actually *joking* when I quoted Nuge... your response made that even *funnier*....

                    Thanks man.

                  • taffer says:

                    All the gay folk I know have a similar "lifestyle" to pretty much everyone else I know, except they don't have any kids and seem to have a lot more disposable income.

                  • Actually.. We're getting off-track here. It's not *gays* that I have a problem with - in fact I don't. It's *bisexuals*. Note this discussion was about Alexander and the fact he was Bi. And THAT is was I was referring to as repugnant. People who are bi, as far as I'm concerned, need to hop off the fence, pick a hole, and stick with it.

                  • jonabbey says:

                    Oh, really? Wow, that's pretty cogent advice. Thanks!

          • cetan says:

            Oh the irony is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

  3. lars_larsen says:

    You mean its not a documentary?

  4. scosol says:

    ive spent time in a turkish prison- hahahah

  5. fo0bar says:

    Best. Subject. Evar.

  6. otterley says:

    I'm trying to figure out what the cause of action is. Tortious defamation of Greek culture? You'd think "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" would be first in line.

    P.S. Was the music selection merely coincidental?

  7. merovingian says:

    As Greek bisexual, I'd just like it to be known that I'm suing Alexander the Great for portraying me as a film-maker or lawyer.

    Wait, no.

  8. iamlistening says:

    I *really* want to watch Airplane now. :)

    • taffer says:

      Amazingly, the DVD contains several "new" scenes, but is missing the scene where Robert Stack and Lloyd Bridges are talking back and forth over the water cooler and almost cracking up.

  9. ralesk says:

    Oh my, what'd these people do if we made films about Greek mythologyââ

  10. aris1234 says:

    Actually, there was no sense of 'heterosexual' or 'bisexual' or 'gay' in those days. People just had intercourse with both sexes within their social strata. It was the custom of the day.

    The idea of certain kinds of sexuality being "wrong" came with the advent of modern religion (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc).

    One could argue that this sort of behavior is becoming more acceptable in modern times too (particularly between women).

    • kchrist says:

      One could argue that this sort of behavior is becoming more acceptable in modern times too (particularly between women).

      Sure, just as long as they don't want to get married.

    • My understanding is that things were a little more complicated than that. There wasn't the Christian idea of sex being wrong, but anything that was considered to be feminine was thought of as being inferior. The passive partner in a homosexual encounter was considered to be degraded by femininity while the active partner was considered to have his masculine honor kept intact, perhaps even enhanced. So they did have something similar to the screwed up idea that we have today that a top is not quite as gay as a bottom.