If you are Extremely Old, I'm sure you remember seeing this the first time around -- someone ripped and posted the "Turkey Drop" segment from WKRP in Cincinnati: "Oh, the humanity." (10.3MB)
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  1. mactavish says:


    I used to have "as God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly" as an email sig, but so many people emailed me thinking it was me saying it, and correcting me, that I took it away.

  2. hollyqueen says:

    I can only say, "Fuck you" :)

  3. elegantelbow says:

    "With god as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."

  4. acroyear70 says:

    "Do I hear dogs barking on there?"

    "I do..."

  5. fo0bar says:

    I'm getting about 120kbps...

  6. brad says:

    Could you mirror it?

  7. phil says:

    I am your 1500th friend.

  8. cwillu says:

    Since when is early 20's "extremely old"?

    If I could remember where I put my cane, I'd crack you over the head with it.

    • crazy4cats says:

      Since the actual episode was shown in 1978 for the first time and it's now 2004, you'd have to be at least 26 to have been alive when the episode was aired, let alone have watched it and remembered watching it. :) I, however, qualify as Extremely Old. :)

  9. crazy4cats says:

    I can download it fine but it won't play correctly. It stops at an image in the beginning. I've tried watching it in Winamp, Real One, Windows Media, Quick Time. Same thing. Quick Time gave me more info though; it said software needed to run the video wasn't available through Quick Time. Must be the download. Any ideas? Thanks.

    • asan102 says:

      Apparently you've never downloaded anything illegal off the internet...

      Your first stop should be

      • crazy4cats says:

        I just downloaded the latest free DivX; let's just say I was a few versions behind. Now I can see it. Thanks for your help.

        As for your comment, I can neither confirm nor deny any such action on my part. [I listen to whatever my lawyer says; he's a pretty lucky man ;)]

  10. kyronfive says:

    Its official. I'm extremely old.

  11. Where, oh where, can I find a copy of Eemcee Whinypants?
    I need it for the book, and found that my copy is only the link.

  12. asan102 says:

    1. What show is this from?
    2. Why is this funny?