in your face, flossing!

Today my dentist told me that I don't need to floss. HA! I was stunned: I thought they took an oath preventing them from ever saying something like that.

    "How often are you flossing?"
    "Almost never."
    "Well, you can get away with that, I guess."

In your face, flossing!

I did get a "stop clenching your teeth", however. But nobody's ever going to tell you "you should clench your teeth more."

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47 Responses:

  1. um.

    now why would they say THAT????

    (i have totally been scared into flossing, thx.)

  2. Hey, are you having a firefox 1.0 release party?

  3. lars_larsen says:

    As soon as the floss lobby gets wind of this, your dentist will end up in a shallow grave somewhere.

  4. icis_machine says:

    i didn't know you went completely toothless.

    i think they only say "you should clinch more" to the slack-jaw sort.

  5. granting says:

    Clenching your teeth is a stress thing. I've had the problem myself.

  6. ghewgill says:

    My dental hygenist friend tells me it usually goes something more like this:

    "Did you know you don't actually need to floss all your teeth?"
    "Oh, really?"
    "Yup, just the ones you want to keep."

  7. moonchilde says:

    I want to make some sort of joke about Flossin. But it's just too early. If you haven't checked out Flossin, I recommend them.

  8. j_b says:

    Hygenist: Doctor, did you just tell that patient he doesn't have to floss?

    Dentist: That was Jamie, he never gets food particles stuck in there because he pulls out his own teeth at night.

    (fade out to Vincent Price laughter?)

  9. krick says:

    Many years ago, I switched from soft to medium toothbrushes. After the switch, I stopped getting "you need to floss more" comments from my dentists.

    Soft toothbrushes are a conspiracy to keep dentists in business.

  10. coralscars says:

    holy shit, we're twins.
    I told him i don't floss and he said, "well, your teeth are clean, keep it up" He didn't say don't floss, but it wasn't even mentioned until i was leaving and the hygienist was like...hye grab a few brushes and a thing of floss. Heh.
    Yeah, he asked me if I grind my teeth....I don't think I do, but I do the chomping thing when I'm mad. Maybe I need a leather bit. ha.

  11. violentbloom says:

    I hope this wasn't that crazy whore who cemented a piece of string under my crown and told me I was imagining things for three years while my gum continually got worse?

    I go back to dr. burhenne in sunnyvale now because he's not a moron and when I say something is wrong he investigates.

    • ammonoid says:

      This sounds like my ex-dentist. Was her name Cheryl Widdis by any chance? She told me I wasn't flossing enough when I really needed a root canal to take care of the damage she caused.

  12. stick_figure says:

    I'm pretty convinced that the state of my gums is all about the teeth clenching and not about lack of flossing. Did they give you a splint or tell you how not to clench or just tell you not to do it?

  13. bitwise says:

    What's the dental symptom of an angry teeth-clencher?

    • unwoman says:

      Mostly wear on teeth. My bottom-left canine tooth is no longer pointy, for example. (mine is mostly at night, but I've been more conscious of it when awake now too). My dentist recommended a hard night-guard thing, which was $550 and my insurance didn't cover it (!!!). It seems to help a lot, but I'm not sure you couldn't get the same benefit from a cheaper thingy. I'm 24 now, and they said I'd likely have serious teeth-cracking problems if I didn't get a thing. Whether that was a scare tactic to get me to buy the expensive night guard or not, I don't know, but I do like my dentist otherwise.

      • jwz says:

        Also, apparently, if you clench your teeth, you bite your cheek more often, because the inside of your cheek develops a raised ridge down the middle.

        • with this recent trip to new student dentist, she took one look inside my mouth, and said, "oh, you bite the inside of your cheek".

          "honey?" i replied, "that's anxiety for you. NO, wait: that's GRAD SCHOOL. as you know."

  14. solarbird says:

    My teeth are weird; if I floss regularly, my entire jaw and face starts to ache. (My mouth is too small for my teeth.)

    However, I brush so well that the dentist agrees I don't actually need to floss. But it bugs him. ^_^

    • solarbird says:

      Oh yeah, and if I don't use the special teflon floss, I get floss bits stuck between my teeth that can't be cleared with more standard floss. It tears. :-p

    • My sister had that problem (mouth too small). They removed at least 6 teeth to solve it...

      • solarbird says:

        I also had too many teeth. I had eight - yes, eight - wisdom teeth. (two molars, six canines. I kinda suspect they'd be calling me Werewolf Girl if I still lived there.) That's on top of the normal compliment of teeth that were already too big for my mouth. All of those came out.

        That was no fun.

        • jwz says:

          I demand pictures.

          • solarbird says:

            I so wanted pictures. And I demanded the teeth. But he wouldn't give them to me! And I was too young to be able to say, "They're my goddamn teeth, I want 'em!"


            Of course, I did punch the surgeon in the face at one point during the operation. I imagine he was kinda cranky about that.

        • You know, I've never heard of people getting canine teeth as wisdom teeth. That doesn't sound like much fun at all (strange, that).

          It'll be interesting to see how my sister's teeth end up going (she's only 14, and that was a couple of years ago), and whether she has any problems when her wisdom teeth come through.

          Heh, Werewolf Girl.

          • solarbird says:

            Apparently what happens is that if the roots don't bond in sets of four (which makes a molar), you get canines or incisors, depending. So I probably had the roots in weird positions, rather than the normal molar square, and - ping! Canines!

          • solarbird says:

            Also: Gir! ^_^

  15. kyronfive says:

    Ironically i was at the dentist this morning too. Sorry, just had to share that.

  16. mcfnord says:

    now you need a night guard. i just got one and it's really not so bad.

  17. linda712 says:

    Some time ago you reported on an abortive (and somewhat disgusting) episode with an electric toothbrush.

    So what sort of gear are you using to achieve this result?