I remember my first beer

At the show last night, some fairly young looking guy comes up to me out of the blue and says, "oh, man, there was this girl, damn, she was amazing, oh man." He's wearing a baseball cap and holding a bottle of beer. I say something like, "huh." He continues, "I'm telling you man. You know, you never know. Anything could happen." Then he slaps me on the back and walks away.

"I remember my first beer", I comment.


14 Responses:

  1. "I remember my first transvestite"

  2. nightrider says:

    umm... yeah. Sorry about that.

    My friend told me it was a non-alcoholic beer!

    Turned out it was one of those hand puppet women anyway.

  3. you know i just LOVED this: i don't know why. just giggled about it all night.

    also, in giving it more thought: i fear that terribly confusing internal-dialogue-made-external-thing was not just the mere sequelae of BEER.

  4. elysiumcore says:

    Yeah...I guess I really *was* amazing last night...

  5. king_mob says:

    I've always been of the opinion that it was nice of the morons in bars to put on baseball caps, so they could be easily spotted.

    But then, I've been living around college campuses since I was 19.

  6. stenz says:

    My suite-mates and I used to listen to that Steve Martin CD in college. Good times.

  7. cacepi says:

    Listening to my first Steve Martin album.

    It's still a good jibe, though.

  8. revsphynx says:

    Ah yes, Steve Martin. Standard comeback for hecklers at my street shows.