I, for one, welcome our new incontinent robot overlords

"RoboDump is a robot. Sort of. And it poops. Sort of. Forever. A horrible, never-ending bowel movement complete with straining grunts, horrific gas, splashes, and pee sounds. Here's the soundtrack. The left channel speaker points up into the room (for the voice effects) and the right channel speaker points down into the toilet (for the business-end effects)."
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11 Responses:

  1. willco says:

    Beats reality TV, I guess.

  2. loosechanj says:

    I want a shot at that throne.

  3. baconmonkey says:

    how long til robo ralph halts traffic in nightclub restrooms?

    • sixty4k says:

      dude, like anyone's gonna climb under the stall door after installing one.

      • triggur says:

        Actually you don't have to! Stall doors all have an outer portion of the latch.. it's a little chrome disc that you can put the edge of a dime in and rotate the lock from the outside.

        What, you think I'm gonna get on that nasty floor? Ick. :)

  4. recursive says:

    That's quite possibly as disgusting as the "visible human" Bob Flannigan modified (shown in the documentary Supermasochist) to spew fake phleghm, feces, and semen.

  5. e_t_b says:

    God help the pee-shy.

  6. fo0bar says:

    I was disappointed to RTFA and realize that the legs don't actually move.

    Cool concept, but not "robo"... it's an ipod, two speakers and some pants.

  7. waywind says:

    But... why?

  8. smokedamage says:


    Fuck. that was my brain.