I am bored and somewhat dizzy

and you will entertain me now. Post a funny picture. Or tell me about some freakish trick you can do with your body. I'll start: due to a second grade monkeybar mishap, I can pop my right shoulder out of its socket.

119 Responses:

  1. There exists a fish called the Idiot Fish. And it looks, well, idiotic. Observe:

  2. brad says:

    My brother punched me in the ear when we were little, so I can bend my right ear down into a V because the cartilage is broken. The left ear bends down "normally", however that is.

  3. when i close my eyes the room disappears.

  4. internebbish says:

    I can crack my elbows and knees ... very loudly.

    • recursive says:

      I can sometimes crack my sternum.

      • jwz says:

        Sometimes my sternum needs to crack and won't. Sometimes it hurts! I used to have a similar problem with my coccyx, but I finally figured out the maneuver to get that one. (And no, it does not involve inserting anything, but thanks for the offer.)

        My ankles click constantly as I walk, putting an early end to a budding career as a ninja.

        • recursive says:

          From my limited memory of it, cracking the coccyx (excuse the pun) is excessively pleasant for an activity which can be done with one's pants on.

        • jesus_x says:

          Yeah, the non-poppping sternum is a bitch. You stretch and pull and it just won't budge, then when it does, it feels like you were stabbed for a moment. My coccyx rarely pops though, usually only when I'm slouching in a hard chair.

          I can crack my neck, shoulders (especially the left, forever, on demand, due to it being shattered as a child, now there's a scar on the bone that can let me make LOUD clicks with it), sternum, spine in usually 7 places, hips, knees, left elbow, all ten fingers each in two joints (the joints of the metacarpal and proximal bones, and the proximal and middle bones), both wrists, the base of both metacarpals, both ankles, all ten toes where they meet the metatarsals, and both metatarsals where they meet the cuboid bone. That's about 50 cracks, many of which can be done multiple times a day. And yet, I can sneak around silently.

          • denshi says:

            Wait, what what what what? The sternum is a single piece of bone, how can it crack?

            • jesus_x says:

              Techincally, we're talking about the xiphoid process, which is the lower tip of the sternum. The xiphoid process starts as cartilage (unlike the rest of the sternum), and as you grow, it ossifies and it fuses with the gladiolus and manubrim to form a single plate of bone, but the xiphoid process doesn't always fuse, or doesn't fue completely until later in life. This enables it to move a little bit, and that is what we're cracking.

              • jwz says:

                In my case, it feels like it's the connection between the ribs and the sternum that's popping, not the upper/lower half.

                • jesus_x says:

                  That's also highly possible, as some of the ribs are connected to the sternum with cartilage, and small amounts of calcification adn whatnot can build up there, allowing you to crack it.


        • ajaxxx says:

          My ankles click constantly as I walk, putting an early end to a budding career as a ninja.

          i thought i was the only one. my big toes click too.

      • felisdemens says:

        I can also crack my sternum. And, due to a mosh pit incident in my jaded youth, I can also click my nasal cartilage (where it joins the bone). I always win cracking contests with that one.

  5. scyph says:

    Me, while eating Pizza at Pizza Hut in Coventry, England.Howzat?

  6. devpreed says:

    No pictures, but... I was born without a hip socket.

    My freakishly cool trick is it hurts to walk when the barometric pressure is low.

  7. ioerror says:

    You need the live journal insub memebot feed, never bored again.Sample image:I can pop nearly every joint in my body because I was hit by a drunk driver when I was a child. It's neat stuff until the pain comes back.

  8. gucky says:

    Due to a chocolate allergy, if I write on my skin with, say, a Baby Ruth, the words remain in rash/hive form for days after I wash it off.

  9. I can contract individual muscles in my tongue in waves, from the back to the front. It looks as if there's something under the skin of my tongue which is being carried forward.

  10. sixty4k says:

    because I busted my thumb in high school, it's missing a bit of bone at the joint closest to the palm.

    I can now bend my thumb back at an almost 90 degree angle to my hand, and the lower part of my thumb presses into my palm instead of spreading away.

    As long as the cuffs aren't actually biting into my wrist I can pull my hand right out.

  11. kyronfive says:

    I have an irrational fear of seeing pictures of sinking - or sunken - ships. It throws me into a complete fight or flight response.

  12. ralesk says:

    I join the crowd of the every-goddamn-joint-poppers.

    And there's another feature, but it could be disturbing and I doubt I'd ever really want to write it in a public journal entry :P

    • scyph says:

      I always thought you had to have a rib removed to do that ;)

      • ralesk says:


        No, actually not that, and the reason I can't do that (anymore) is simply that I'm not elastic enough.

        *ponders being disturbing anyway*

        But yes, it involves the same part of me and... a Siemens C55 ;p

        • scyph says:

          No, actually not that, and the reason I can't do that (anymore) is simply that I'm not elastic enough.

          Yeah yeah, isn't it more along the lines that you were caught once? ;)

          Siemens C55? Interesting. I'm not entirely sure, but does that phone have vibrate? ;)

  13. bifrosty2k says:

    I can lock my hands behind my back, and then bring them forward over my head!

  14. neevita says:

    Every time I perform aerial or acro, I queef.

  15. unwoman says:

    I can put my entire right fist into my mouth. Not because I have a big mouth, but because I have tiny, skinny hands. It looks really silly, and it sounds sexy but it's not.

  16. jthens says:

    i can fold my tounge into 3 distinct lobes.

  17. OH!

    i'm really, REALLY good at turning requests for information back against you as a question, such as jamie, why the HELL are you dizzy, anyways??


    • oh, and **WHY** have i never seen you do this trick when we're all bored at DG? sounds like a perfect form of amusement to ME.

    • jwz says:

      I'd rather know your theories on why I'm dizzy.

      • tjic says:

        you're dehydrated.

        go have a glass of water.

      • that depends!
        ooo, let's play differential diagnosis, kids!

        (a) how long have you been dizzy for?
        (b) have you engaged in any motoric behavior that one would reasonably expect to cause dizziness?
        (c) have you ingested anything unusual in the last hour?
        (d) are you at the dentist's office? (i'll give you a moment while you check.)
        (e) have you been walloped about the head in recent memory?
        (f) are you currently watching any news TV show?
        (g) do you smell burnt toast?

      • My theory on your being dizzy is, you have a build up of ear wax and you tried to clean it out by flushing your ear with hydrogen peroxide.

  18. missadroit says:

    I can burp the entire alphabet in one burp.

  19. king_mob says:

    I can drink and smoke for years with no ill effects.

  20. elainegrey says:

    Mildly amusing: http://triggur.org/robodump/

    (Perhaps you've mentioned our constipated robot overlords and i've missed it.)

  21. fo0bar says:

    I have a violent temper, and I have trouble learning things.

    Also, I'm selling broken crap on ebay and very few people are bidding.

  22. armoire_man says:

    I hallucinate after I eat lima beans.

    As a child I didn't realize that this wasn't common. I couldn't understant why my parents were alarmed when, one night, I stared vacantly across the dinner table and said "Wow, the big floaty green things are really BRIGHT tonight, aren't they?"

  23. c0nsumer says:

    Yeah, I was there (well, outside it's unpearly gates) earlier this week. Rock City, KY, just down the road from Mammoth Cave National Park/

  24. scosol says:

    put your arms in front of you and clasp your hands together, STRAIGHT (not twisting one arm)-
    now turn them up and back towards you-
    you'll probably stop somewhere with your knuckles facing you-
    i can go all the way around so my knuckles are pointing forward again :D

    • greatbiggary says:

      That's awesome, like Elastigirl.

      For many years I've been the only guy I know who can do the trick that goes: put your arms out in front of you as straight as they go (no bend at all in your elbows) then turn your palms so they face up toward the sky. Now bring your forearms together, without bending your elbows so that the wrist bones at the base of your hands touch, and so the bone bumps on the inside edge of your elbows touch. Women can do it, men can't, I always could, probably due to a somewhat unnatural bend at my elbows.

      I've been working out a lot at a gym lately, though, and trying it again just now, I can't get my elbows even close. I'm finally a man!

    • duskwuff says:

      I've actually used a tool much like that. It's called a "sonicator" - it turns tissue into jelly with a high-frequency ultrasonic transducer. Ever tried putting your finger into the water inside a humidifier? Same effect, but scaled up.

      Needless to say, putting your finger near the tip of this thing is officially a Bad Idea.

  25. rosefox says:

    <LJ USER=sinboy> says that my deep-throating abilities, while impressive, are not technically "freakish". Can I get away with mentioning that <LJ USER=fangorn>'s mouth is so big that he can fellate an average-sized hand without difficulty? I don't actually have any freakishness of my own. I feel all sad and left out now.I would post funny pictures but my hard drive is in surgery at the moment... well, psychotherapy, actually, but you get the idea. Here's the best I can dig out of my webdir:

  26. rm76 says:

    So I used to play socccer back in the day.. One day someone ran into and knocked me over while I was trying to take the ball from them and they ended up kicking me in jaw.

    Now and ever since when I eat a big sandwich or something my jaw slips and clicks.


  27. solarbird says:

    What, I have to top the dentist story?

    I can fold my pinky finger all the way down so that it's flat against my palm with all my other fingers still straight up, without using my other hand. (Sometimes people go "so what?" until I point out that their pinky finger is not, in fact, even touching their palm, much less flat against it, and that they used their other hand to get it that far, and then they try and get all frustrated. It's kinda funny.)

    I can also do this with my ring finger and pinky in combination, but not ring finger alone, or either my middle or pointer fingers.

    I have a very annoying biochemistry that makes many drugs - particularly OTC painkillers and allergy remedies - completely ineffective, or turns them into an extremely unpleasant combination of sopophoric plus paranoia-inducing hallucinogen. This sucks, because it makes almost every prescription or headache remedy or anything into a total crapshoot.

    And for those who didn't jwz's the last post, I had eight wisdom teeth, six of which were canines, in a mouth already too small for the regular teeth I already had.

    And here is a picture that is funny, in a nervous-laughter kind of way 'cause I think that bitch means it.

  28. felisdemens says:

    I can squirt saliva about a foot from the salivary g;ands beneath my tongue, like a spitting cobra.

    • lifftchi says:

      I do that all the time. Usually onto something important, irreplaceable, and easily water-damaged.

    • jwz says:

      That happens sometimes when I yawn, but I've never figured out how to do it at will...

      • felisdemens says:

        Raise your tongue slightly and keep it there. Don't squeeze your salivary glands. Curl your tongue back, then contract the glands.

        Hey, it's not a survival trait, but it's mine.

        • jwz says:

          Oh, don't think I haven't tried. For years.

          • felisdemens says:

            Hm. Well, maybe it's like that whole tie-a-cherry-stem-in-a-knot-with-your-tongue thing. Many have tried to teach me to do it, all have failed. I seem to be totally incapable.

            • flipzagging says:

              odd. I got it the very first time. I was a Twin Peaks fan.

              I can also make waves go up and down my stomach, like a belly dancer.

              Surprisingly, I'm a guy.

              • felisdemens says:

                Yeah, everyone on Earth can do it. Male, female, seems to make no difference. Everyone can do it.

                Except me.

                I would like to state for the record that this appears to make no difference in other tests of lingual agility.

  29. The cartilage in my nose is no longer attached to the bone. Which seems to worry people, when I start moving it around.

  30. I can wiggle either of my little toes all by themselves, without any of my other toes moving.

    You just try it now! Go on!

  31. pete23 says:

    i have a scab in my ear.

    perhaps not entertaining, but a great snack...

  32. kumimonster says:

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    there are different ones in more vanilla positions as well

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  33. premchai21 says:

    Well, I can move each ear, each nostril, and each eyebrow independently, and such motions have become part of my instinctive range of facial expressions. Also, my nose is apparently lacking in cartilage which caused some of the girls in band in middle school to enjoy pressing it because they thought it was cute. Does that count for anything?

  34. krick says:

    This is me at a halloween party dressed in a pokemon costume designed for 7 year olds. I'm 6'3" and 240lbs. It was VERY tight.