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  1. skreidle says:

    Psst.. looks like you forgot to close the p style=background:white. (At least, that's my guess as to why the white is running rampant over other parts of your entry.)

  2. lpapicnic says:

    and that's why you can't win any of them.

    keep thinking that way, the republicans thank you!

  3. lpapicnic says:

    also should i point out that in the "red states", anywhere from 30-49 percent of the people voted for kerry, and in the "blue states", an even larger percentage voted for bush? (e.g., massachusetts, stereotypical "blue state" -- 40% bush voters.)

    • irma_vep says:

      It isn't even about being redneck. It is about being ultraconservative. Many people I know who are financially successful are Republican. America is historically conservative. I know some rednecks, and their ideology. They are ususally not very financially responsible. I would like to see progressive change in our current ideology. But maybe that is wishful thinking.

      • kchrist says:

        True conservatives should be as repulsed by BushCo. as the Democrats, et al, are. I've never met a traditional conservative in favor of big government, fiscal irresponsibility, removal of civil liberties, and preemptive war.

        • frumiousb says:

          Many of them are. Which should be a real opportunity for the dems, if they can seize it. Business folks are not real enchanted with the new religious Republican party.

    • bifrosty2k says:

      muahahahah! :)

  4. bifrosty2k says:

    Now there's something I can relate to because, of course, I'm part of the vast right wing conspiracy formed by the Illuminati for world domination and destruction!

  5. sheilagh says:

    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote."

    ---Benjamin Franklin

  6. morpheuse says:

    so did u know warren ellis mentioned DNA lounge's halloween party on his LJ?

    • jwz says:

      Yep. I'm bummed I didn't run into him that night -- I met him the day before for about 30 seconds (before he had to run off and deface some comic books.)

      • morpheuse says:

        darn...if only theyd come up with a way to digitally sign jpegs. i can get him to digitally sign my planetary collection...=P

        • jlindquist says:

          That doesn't strike me as hard... an app that can overlay a signature, then cryptographically sign the file, a la PGP.

          I assume you figure it's easier to get a UK-based creator to sign a file than to catch him at one of his infrequent US appearances to lay pen to paper?

          • jwz says:

            You make me sad. You really do.

          • morpheuse says:

            yeah, but then id like to display it on my walls. hmm...a bunch of smallish harddrives, a pc tablet screen...and maybe get warren ellis to not just simply write, but get him to do a flash animation of his signature on my collections. yeah, that would be nice...=D

            >I assume you figure it's easier to get a UK-based creator to sign a file than to catch >him at one of his infrequent US appearances to lay pen to paper?

            yeah, since im living waaaay out in South-East Asia...=P

  7. 40hex says:

    The Register had this.

  8. evan says:

    As I read through these comments, I find myself a little amazed you allow comments at all.

  9. kyronfive says:

    ...which is why we should fuck the south, apparently.

  10. At least 53% of us are anyway. But remember there are still some freethinkers around here.

  11. pt says:

    There might even be a mild link between I.Q levels and how states voted.

    If one places stock in such things.

    • Only an idiot would. That chart has been proven as nonsense mulitple times - I think there might be a mention of it on snopes - but I don't recall for sure.

      Y'know.. I'm really sorry that the democrats lost... But really.. did you HONESTLY expect that fucking socialist to win?? I mean.. *really* now..? Find someone who's more moderate and who is in touch with the roots of what the democratic party used to be about - the Party of the Union worker, the Party of the Middle Class. Not the party of every whack-job, p-diddy, MTV-swilling, wank-ridden special interest out there.

      The instant the left took Michael Moore seriously - I knew they were doomed.

      JWZ, I thank you for letting the public at large post comments without fear of being banned. I don't agree with you politically - but you're a decent guy.