go see Laurie Anderson

I saw her tonight, and it was fantastic. She's always great, but this was definitely one the best performances I've seen her do. Tickets are still available for the Friday night show at Zellerbach. (Other tour dates.)

Open questions:

  • Was "Home of the Brave" ever released on DVD? Google suggests only that there are LD-rips of it floating around (and that the out-of-print VHS was recorded in mono.) Someone should get me one of those DVDs.
  • Why does she look more and more like my mom every time?

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6 Responses:

    • jwz says:

      Yes, I can click on the first google result too; I still don't know what to do with it, other than mail some random guy and try to talk him into burning me a copy. What do I look like, a Deadhead?

      • Sorry boss, I'd go one step further and get a hold of him, I dunno - ask if that's possible for a slight fee + s&h? Maybe. Hey man, don't be harsh. You're one of the very few people I look up to.

        • crackmonkey says:

          I think this is one of the scariest quotes I've read in a while.

          JWZ as a role model reminds me much of Charles Barkley as a role model. Too be respected as a wonderous anomaly.

  1. quercus says:

    Why does she look more and more like my mom

    That's not so scary.

    Lou Reed. And your Mom.

    That's scary.

  2. king_mob says:

    I tried really hard to like Laurie Anderson, and I never got it. (She's worked with some people I love, like Adrian Belew, so I kept giving her more chances.)

    What am I missing here?