Gang of 4 back from the dead, again

The original line-up of Jon King, Andy Gill, Dave Allen and Hugo Burnham will now reunite for a string of British dates in the new year. The dates are: Manchester Academy (January 23), Leeds University (24), Bristol Academy (27), Birmingham Academy (27) and London Shepherd's Bush Empire (28).

    (I have twice held in my hands tickets to see Gang of 4, and both times, the tour melted down before they made it to the west coast.)

9 Responses:

  1. nosrialleon says:

    They haven't even hinted that they're coming to America, so I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

  2. nerdtech says:

    Yeah I saw this, I hope they hit the US [and maybe at least make it to the Midwest...]

    On another music note, I saw LAIBACH last weekend. Man, what a night. SKINNY PUPPY, then get in the car, drive to another place a few blocks away and then get to see LAIBACH of all bands.

    It was awesome. Check it out if you can.

  3. gordonzola says:

    Maybe someone could book my favorite-band-I've-never-seen to the DNA?

  4. dominobutter says:

    i'd love to see more pixies style reunions.. just tour like you used to. don't try to record a new album.. don't tarnish our memory with new material that'll never live up to the old stuff.

    last group that disintegrated before they got to my home town was the church during the "gold afternoon fix" tour. they probably should have stayed that way. (great album, btw.. even better if it were their last.)

  5. hatter says:

    So when are you coming over ? I'd heartily recommend london - but then that's because it's where I am. Might even be talked into some crash space, if you want.

    the hatter

  6. quercus says:

    And Pop Will Eat Itself are on the weekend before.

    <gloat> I could walk to the Bristol gig from here.

    • lalalydia says:

      Yeah, jwz... you should just go to London for that week, like I am, and see the Poppies on the 25th and Gang of Four on the 28th! (Of course, I am just seeing PWEI... never was that huge of a Gang of Four fan.) The fare for Monday to Monday (24-31) is $515 nonstop on Virgin and British Airways. Go for it!