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JFK Reloaded: How accurate is the bullet performance?

The ballistics in JFK Reloaded are significantly more advanced than those present in traditional "shooter" video games. This is in keeping with JFK Reloaded's status as a true simulation of the events in Dealey Plaza in 1963. For example:

  • The bullets travel through the air at the correct speed -- they don't instantly reach their target. Therefore you have to shoot in front of moving targets ("aim off") in order to hit them.
  • When bullets hit objects, they react according to the material they hit. For instance, they will pass through glass and upholstery unhindered; pass through flesh with some deflection; and either glance off or pass through bone, depending on the angle of impact.

  • Angles of ricochet and internal body deflection are highly accurate simulations, based on the laws of physics.

  • The bullets have a certain amount of energy. As they penetrate and/or ricochet, they lose this energy as appropriate. So for instance a bullet that has already gone through a human head has very little energy left, and will tend to lodge in the next thing it hits.

  • Bullets can travel complicated paths, bouncing around from object to object (within the limitations of their energy, see above). It is even possible to take 'bank shots', by intentionally ricocheting bullets off buildings.

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  1. down8 says:

    Wasn't there a hubbub a while back for some ppl that had done a Columbine-style FPS mod? This just reminded me of that - I have nothing to add.


  2. I had a Stats professor who worked on sound analysis of the various audio recordings and they determined that based on the audio that it was impossible for there to have been only one shooter. Then the feds came and confiscated all their audio.

    • mark242 says:

      If it was the sound analysis of the motorcycle recording, then the analysis was based upon a faulty assumption - ie the motorcycle was in the wrong location.

      (The History Channel is so much fun!)

      • I'm kind of fuzzy on the numbers, but they had more than one, I think 3 different recordings, and they were analizing the blips on the audio of all of them. And what they found was something like a 98% probability that there were 6 blips in 3 seconds. Again I'm not sure on the numbers though.

  3. roninspoon says:

    After playing this game several times I 've come to two conclusions. One, a single gunman could easily have killed JFK (given the data in the game). Two, Booth was a pussy. In a number of scenarios I've managed to get a head shot on JFK in a single shot. In other scenarios I first took out the driver of the limo and had plenty of time to kill each person in the limo plus many of the agents. In another notable scenario, I wounded the limo driver, and he careened the limo off the road and into a tree on the far side of the plaza, tossing its occupants like rag dolls.

    • mcfnord says:

      thanks for doing this important research and sharing your controversial conclusions.

    • roninspoon says:

      Let's all pretend I said "Oswald" and not "Booth." I was clearly confusing my succesful presidintial assassins.

    • spendocrat says:

      Weren't you in "The Usual Suspects"?

    • transgress says:


      Booth shot Lincoln, not Kennedy- try again.

      And video game simulations very rarely give an accurate portrait of actual events. As I was about to comment to jwz, a bullet actually has somewhat significant damage done to it when it hits glass or upholstery- not enough to stop it- but more than enough to deform it.

      • nelc says:

        Yeah, I doubt very much whether any kind of accuracy can be achieved while "banking" a ricochet. Maybe this is something that can be done with automatic weapons, but I'd imagine it would be more of a suppressive fire kind of thing. Must try it next time I'm out in the hood with my homies and our Uzis. Bro.

        • transgress says:

          Yeah, I doubt very much whether any kind of accuracy can be achieved while "banking" a ricochet.

          While I suppose its possible, I doubt its anywhere close to probable- the amount of training and math involved in sniper school is ridiculous- the height versus the height of the target, gravity, wind speed and wind direction, distance, caliber, is the round 'hot' or not, height vs speed of target vs direction of target, etc. All that and more is involved in accurately hitting your target, nevermind trying to hit the target and cause it to bounce off in the desired position- in addition to that think about how deformed the bullet would be- there is no way to accurately determine how it will travel exactly when its that deformed, nevermind the damaged caused to the thing it ricochet's off of (which would also affect it's direction/speed/etc), or the exact angle of the desired .. ricochet-e.

          In short, the gun used was a horrible mail order gun- with at best a mediocre shooter. Several experts tried to recreate the shot, and couldn't- not with that gun in the timeframe (nevermind the fact that the angle's and such were not optimal and there were other more optimal spots to shoot the target), yet now this video game comes out and attempts to recreate reality and show that despite real experts with real guns not being able to recreate the scenario- you can prove them all wrong in a video game. It's really quite silly and I'd imagine overall that it was designed more to get press for the company than anything.

          That's similar to saying that because you can run a large criminal enterprise in GTA that you can do similar in real life, or anything similar.

          On a seperate note, your picture makes you out to be the arch nemesis of the blue man group.

  4. musicscene says:

    ... other than *that* Mrs. Kennedy, how was the parade?

  5. coderman says:

    do you get to be a Mossad, CIA or Mafia hit man depending on your favorite conspiracy?

  6. nakulshenoy says:

    Interesting... Very.

    So how long before the players of this game are taken in for questioning under the PATRIOT Act, to investigate their connivance in a presidential assassination?

    Just playing paranoid...

    • taffer says:

      I downloaded the demo, but I wasn't really expecting to be let into the US at any point in the near future. After all, I am one of those dangerous foreigners (we're using BSE and softwood lumber as WMD!)...

  7. thesliver says:

    It long ago became self evident that matters of taste in the area of video gaming are entirely irrelevant to the quality of the game.