Dresden Dolls

I saw Dresden Dolls again last night. They were fantastic, but I think the sound was better at the last show. I was going to write something about the audience and how, uh, "special" they were, when I saw that confuseme has been reaching into my brain and STEALING MY THOUGHTS, so I'm going to just steal them right back:

"We saw The Dresden Dolls tonight. They're from Boston. Some alternate-reality Boston, that is, in which a terrible accident involving experimental neurotoxins and laughing gas fused Kate Bush and the Joker into a pair of twin marionettes. Their cover of "War Pigs" was really something.

"I enjoyed the band, despite their uncomfortably high Tori Amos quotient. The "audience participation", however -- which they encouraged -- was somewhat harder to take. I think about a third of the audience was composed of attention-seeking dorks in bad costumes. Why do people feel compelled to draw attention to themselves when everyone is trying to watch the band? Whoever that fucking was in the front row with the fucking pom-poms, for example, that person really got on my nerves."

PS: this.

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  1. colubra says:

    My thoughts, as well, were stolen. To add insult to injury, somebody dropped the various Brecht/Weill references after stealing them.
    It is a sad day for those of us with thoughts.

    And for pom-poms.

    • zuvembi says:

      I just caught them friday here in Seattle (based on JWZ's recommendation). I quite liked it. Luckily I got there just as they started, missing the openers and leaving immediately after. So I wasn't subjected to much of the ambience.

  2. candid says:

    I'm going to see them on Friday, inspired largely by your previous reviews.

  3. injector says:

    I saw them several Wednesdays ago in D.C. The audience participation was much less at this show. Amanda asked between songs for updates on the score of the Red Sox game (she informed us that she didn't really care, but just didn't want a home game contending with the night of their own home coming). Other than that, there was one verbal outburst from someone in the back with, "it's the new rock and roll!". Which prompted Brian into a cheesy drum solo, which Amanda put a stop to with, "don't encourage him". No costumes that I noticed.

    The audio was great (it usually is at the Black Cat), I could understand every word, and left without my ears ringing.

    Slightly off topic, but I have to ask. I don't get into the city much, so I'm not up on fashion, is the Lenin look in? There were at least three guys there with their hair pulled back combined with the matching facial hair of Vladimir.

    • jwz says:

      Man, I hope so -- I'm very amused by the idea that Washington D.C. hipsters are running around dressed as prominent dead communists.

  4. momomoto says:

    The Perry Bible Fellowship is the new Parking Lot Is Full. You can hit up the archives by clicking on the dude in the middle of the main page.

  5. defenestr8r says:

    that kind of makes me grateful for how lame, unhip, unglamorous, and generally apathetic the crowd at their show here was.

    whatever happened to good people watching?

    did you notice the "kurtweill" kurzweil keyboard?

    • jwz says:

      I did notice it, but I didn't get it, because I'm not cultured like that.

      When I see the attention whoring mimes and renfaire types around, I want to think they're cool, because at least they're making an effort (whereas I make absolutely no effort at all) but I just can't get there. Most of the time, they just irritate the hell out of me.

      • defenestr8r says:

        but even with all your lack of effort, i would still count you among "good people watching."

        and beyond that, you're well worth having a conversation with, which puts you far above most of the people i meet here.

        speaking of which, are you hosting any fun event for new years? i will be in town (so there'd better be something!)

        • jwz says:

          New Years at DNA is a "make money" night, and I have no idea if there's anything fun going on elsewhere. <lj user="rzr_grl"> will be visiting her family, so lacking any other ideas, I imagine I'll be staking out a corner in the lounge and trying to drink away the hate. Or the consciousness.

          • defenestr8r says:

            hmmm. maybe you should make a long guestlist of your partners in crime....

            is profitmaking still in the form of rave or hiphop?
            new orleans is about two years behind what is hip anywhere else, so i feel really out of the loop.

          • oh, ye of little faith!

            i'm sure my coterie and i will be able to find SOMETHING to do, which means you could take up a corner THERE and try to drink away the hate AND the consciousness...unless, of course, you were really looking forward to that house music.



          • g_na says:

            I have no idea if there's anything fun going on elsewhere

            From what I hear, dinner is in the works for early in the evening. Afterwards, you should have a party at your place! That way, no being assaulted with horrific house music, no having to deal with moronic drunken idiots (only your drunken friends, who would be acting slightly less idiotic), and we can watch fireworks from the rooftop.

            • jwz says:

              See, owning the club has spoiled me. I've gotten used to the absence of certain problems commonly associated with having parties at home:

              • no staff to do the cleaning up;
              • no staff to throw people out;
              • not being able to leave;
              • being the last person to leave.

              Really, as far as throwing parties goes, I can strongly recommend owning a nightclub.

  6. smackfu says:

    I checked out their calendar and I see that they're actually playing in Germany at the end of this month, which would be pretty trippy.

  7. substitute says:

    People like that remind me of a particular set of Tori Amos fans that <lj user="fimmtiu"> saw at a concert of theirs. They were lined up in front of the stage kneeling and praying to her very ostentatiously as she played.

    As he said at the time: NOT A RELIGION: DO NOT WORSHIP

  8. mooflyfoof says:

    some guy behind me insisted on alternating between singing along loudly to the quiet songs and violently headbanging, hitting me with his hair in the process. arg. other than that (and the terrible second band, and the tall-ass mime guy that kept pushing in front of me) i agree, the show was absolutely fantastic.

    sorry i failed to say hi last night. i am shy like that. i'm going to add you to my friends list. i hope that's okay. :)

  9. confuseme says:

    That's what you get for going out without your tinfoil hat on.

  10. rjray says:

    Terribly considerate of you to make this mention for we least-cultured, south-bay sorts. I might have gone many more months before hearing this greatness. I just wish the QT files on their site would download faster...

  11. fantasygoat says:

    I saw the Dolls when they came to Toronto and I loved it - the drummer is fucking incredible in person, totally a show-stealer. He beat the living shit out of those drums. And they did the War Pigs cover as well, quite excellent. I loved the album but the live show definitely makes it better.

    However, it would seem the retard factor is universal, as there were a couple of them at the show to piss me off as well. One was this girl with 80 pigtails who danced constantly to everything, all over the entire club, the entire night - non-stop. She even danced while the MC was talking. What the fuck.

    The other was this really gross couple who kept dancing and making out, all tongues and shit. Christ, get a room, or at least be better looking.

    But yeah, all in all a great show, minus the Creed-wannabe opening act.