better get a bigger truck



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  1. ammonoid says:

    I like the arm stabilizer things on truck #2.

    • tfofurn says:

      In the third photo, there's something that looks like it could be a stabilizer for the first truck. Look to the right of the white car's grill. It's a pretty flimsy fold-out-looking affair if that's what it is, but I'm beginning to doubt it. The I-beam on the second truck definitely looks more viable.

      I'd probably be willing to bet that the first truck would've been just fine if the driver had been able to park it with the cab facing away from the water.

  2. tfofurn says:

    I remember my first mistake with center of mass calculations!

  3. sachmet says:

    More photos of the incident here

  4. baconmonkey says:

    Michael Long cranes: "My crane is bigger"

  5. xenogram says:

    Looks like somebody stuck a crane onto a regular flatbed without adding feet as well. Leastways, I can't see any feet on that thing. What a mouthbreather.

    Wonder if the operator got off before it went in the drink.

  6. tarzxf says:

    Where did the guy in the blue go between the 2nd and 3rd pictures?

    Looks like he might've gone for a coffee and returned in the 4th picture.

    Time for the conspiracy theories!

  7. bitwise says:

    What I find interesting is that he clearly had the car in the air for some time before they went in. Which means that at least for a while, the physics were working out in the truck's favor. So I wonder what happened to upset the equation.

    I would really like to believe that a big pelican landed on the car, but I would guess it's probably more likely that the crane started to bring the car around and somehow the twist sent everyone in the drink.

  8. I've been sniggering at this all day, partly because I think it happened just up the road from where I grew up. (It looks like the Galway Bay area, possibly outside Clarenbridge.) As for why it went over so late, it does look like they swung it around, putting the CG over the quay, but the truck bed twists faster, so it could have been a structural failure there.

    I really really wish the second truck had gone in too.

  9. benediktus says:

    reminds me of...

    translation: "ease your nerves - speedbus serves"

  10. taffer says:

    Someone made a nice animated GIF out of those pictures; naturally, can't find the link now.