"90 meters down, 90,000 to go."

Space elevator prototype climbs up and then back down a 290-foot ribbon during a snow storm:

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  1. scosol says:


    yeah- just a *little* ambitious to be calling this a "space elevator prototype" eh?

    I'm trying to figure out what is new/unique/interesting about this robot, and i'm having trouble...

    • Hey, they're doing better than the cable crew. The fibres for the cable (tubular buckminsterfullerene) have just recently set a new record for length. They managed 3cm long. (and yes, seriously, that's the stuff they want to make the cable from)
      If the device has the full regenerative power system that would be wanted etc, then it'd be something. It also may be relevant in testing the non-damaging flat-ribbon crawler.

      Can anyone provide a link to this project. I want more info.

  2. cetan says:

    I, for one, welcome our non-vertically challenged overlords.

    As well as our more vertically challenged ones:

  3. evildrgo says:

    It's ambitious to call that a snowstorm...

    You guys should try that in a Canadian snowstorm.

  4. sashamalchik says:

    oh cool, i recognized the buildings :)

  5. merovingian says:

    My little extropian heart is thumping so fast!