51% Bush + 48% Kerry =

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  1. flense says:

    hmm. can't think of anything even faux-witty to say. odd. ah. that face is really quite punchable.

    • solarbird says:

      You really think so? I mean, I wouldn't want to date him or anything, but between Bush the Drooling Moron and Kerry the Undead Butler and this composite guy, I'd take this composite guy in a second.

  2. Huh, I was thinking the opposite. He looks more approachable than Kerry and like less of an a**hole than Bush. Of course, he'd probably combine the worst of their personality features...

  3. ammonoid says:

    I thought that was Kerry at first. I still think it looks more like 80% Kerry. Maybe because his face is so distinctive looking.

    • solarbird says:

      Probably the shape. Kerry's head shape is pretty distinctive, being, you know, EIGHT FEET TALL by SIX INCHES WIDE and all. (Yes, I voted Kerry. Doesn't mean he's pretty. God knows, it doesn't mean he's pretty.)

    • Thats funny cause to me I looked at it and thought, what did they do to Bush's face. To me it looks like They just stretched bush's head out. I wonder if the source images are around.

  4. lexinatrix says:

    What I find most interesting about this composite is that it highlights the defining feature of Kerry's face to be his jawline.

    I looked at this and initially thought it was a photo of John Kerry, then on further examination noted the nose and eyes were off. Lastly I noted the hair color.

  5. king_mob says:

    What album's that Rasputina cover on?

  6. eqe says:

    I recall reading a summary of a study that showed that the more average a face is, the more attractive it is rated by viewers. Averaging tends to remove faults, because by definition faults are distinctive.

    If you average the year-round temperatures of Minneapolis and San Francisco, they're pretty close. It's the features that make the difference.

  7. they'd make a great drag queen.

  8. relaxing says:

    It looks like he dribbled grape juice on his collar... or is that lipstick??

  9. strangehours says:

    And 1% evil planet-destroying cyborg?

  10. xenogram says:

    Another fine product from the alien clone-vats that churn out patrician looking US presidential candidates and TV anchormen.

    I suspect the same vats used to produce the now defunct soviet poliburo potato-man model.

  11. aylan says:

    that's FURKIN' scary. never do that again. QPLLZTHNKXS.