5 Responses:

  1. ex_sjc says:

    Very cool.

  2. musicdieu says:

    The first pic; especially, is intensely cool.

    But you got me on the post title; very fitting!

  3. jesus_x says:

    Tragedy in Canada. Today, Al Qaeida unleashed a biological weapon in Montreal that causes victims to strip naked, run to city squares, and die in very organized, aligned piles. Apparently, even some bicycles are also affected by this pathogen. President Bush of the United States has declared that the US will invade Canada to prevent it from becoming a lair for terrorists. The Quebecios have promised jihad against the invading US forces, and are expected to be nearly as rude and condescending as their French counterparts to US troops.

  4. benediktus says:

    2nd pic:
    "the new MB 6000 SUX with 4 wheel drive. pristine since 1933"

    i wonder where those guys want kate winslet and leonardo dicaprio
    to be disposed....