If you are Extremely Old, I'm sure you remember seeing this the first time around -- someone ripped and posted the "Turkey Drop" segment from WKRP in Cincinnati: "Oh, the humanity." (10.3MB)
Scene missing! A video that used to be embedded in this post has disappeared. If you know of a copy of this video that is still accessible, please mail me so that I can update the link.
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why it is acceptable to kill and eat turkeys

They would destroy us all if they could:


The Riddler Makes an Announcement

"So why am I hanging up the big question mark?
Oh, I could dance around my reasons, dropping a few hints in the process and let you piece it together yourselves. But that would be both unfair and in direct violation of our company regulations against self-riddling."

"so I can look at you from inside as well."

"Outraged Dutch actress Georgina Verbaan is to publish x-rays of her assets online after speculation that she underwent a breast augmentation in advance of a $120,000 appearance in the December issue of Dutch Playboy. The implant-free mams will reportedly appear sometime this week on her website."
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