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partying with the morlocks

G-Cans: these are alegedy not screen shots from a video game, but are in fact photos of some crazy flood-management system underneath Tokyo.


first in a series?

JFK Reloaded: How accurate is the bullet performance?

The ballistics in JFK Reloaded are significantly more advanced than those present in traditional "shooter" video games. This is in keeping with JFK Reloaded's status as a true simulation of the events in Dealey Plaza in 1963. For example:

  • The bullets travel through the air at the correct speed -- they don't instantly reach their target. Therefore you have to shoot in front of moving targets ("aim off") in order to hit them.
  • When bullets hit objects, they react according to the material they hit. For instance, they will pass through glass and upholstery unhindered; pass through flesh with some deflection; and either glance off or pass through bone, depending on the angle of impact.

  • Angles of ricochet and internal body deflection are highly accurate simulations, based on the laws of physics.

  • The bullets have a certain amount of energy. As they penetrate and/or ricochet, they lose this energy as appropriate. So for instance a bullet that has already gone through a human head has very little energy left, and will tend to lodge in the next thing it hits.

  • Bullets can travel complicated paths, bouncing around from object to object (within the limitations of their energy, see above). It is even possible to take 'bank shots', by intentionally ricocheting bullets off buildings.

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