A man looks at a Chinese soup sculpture displayed at a shopping mall in Hong Kong. (AFP / Philippe Lopez)

A boy plays under a ten-meter-high giant statue of Godzilla displayed at a botanical garden in Yokosuka, suburban Tokyo. (AFP / Toru Yamanaka)
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The Incredibles

Go see it immediately! So great. Better than Monsters Inc.

(And tequilarista is in the credits!)

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RCA Astro

This is one sweet TV:

And I would totally get one of these if I still used a land line:

But it is Wrong that this doesn't have a true rotary dial (that converts pulse to tone, of course.)

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DNA Lounge: Wherein we learn of dust and nuts.

One of our amps died. It looked like this on the inside:

Do you think maybe we should clean them more often? I'm thinking maybe so.

In "Taking One For The Team" news: I have been informed that Rob, one of our security guards, got kicked in the nuts on Halloween... on four completely separate occasions. Fionn said, "Four? I'm sorry, but after the second one, I'm going home."

One of those kicks was from a ninety pound girl in her underwear. (Some people pay good money for that sort of thing, you know.)

There was this belligerent drunk guy who could barely stand up and who kept trying to get on his motorcycle and ride away, while everyone tried to convince him not to. When the cops showed up to take underwear girl away, they told him that if he started his bike, they were taking him away too. So he did. And then he kicked a cop in the nuts while they were arresting him.

I predict his evening got worse after that. Just a hunch.

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purple county cartograms

at last!

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