that's a really good look for you

"Models walk down the catwalk displaying the creations of fashion designer Lidija Kolovrat Thursday, Oct. 14 2004, during the Lisboa Fashion Week in Lisbon, Portugal. (AP Photo/Armando Franca)"
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21 Responses:

  1. 5tephe says:

    Ahh, haute coture. Nature's way of bringing Catwalk models down a peg. If only THEY were intelligent enough to realise it.

  2. azul_ros says:

    Yeah, I can really see that going over big at work!! NOT!!!

    WTF is up with the paper-fish-mouth??

    It reminds me of some kid at home playing with mommy's make up.... badbadbadbad

  3. endquote says:

    Eh, bitches are better seen than heard anyway.*

    * sexist joke.

    • brad says:

      Uh, I'd rather hear them than walk around a city full of those zombie women.

    • gargargar says:

      My dad used to ramble and rant that the fashion industry was dominated by "misogynistic homosexuals who take great delight in making women look foolish."

      I never knew how to respond to that one, and I still never found any evidence to disprove it.

  4. There is seriously something wrong with these people.

  5. bikerwalla says:

    "Eh. It's a living."

  6. Can't... stop... giggling... *gasp*

  7. deyo says:

    Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

  8. giles says:

    I can't remember how this works without the interpretation guide...

    You stick the miracle fish on your face, and then if the head moves, you're a supermodel?

    Or maybe it's the tail that moves if you want a cigarette.

    I think they might be doing it wrong. Unless it's some kind of subtle Monty Python tribute.

  9. nosrialleon says:

    Is that a fish on your mouth, or are you just glad to see me?