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Engrish Store
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  1. flipzagging says:

    I used to keep a file of Engrish t-shirts seen on Asian people:


    LADY SPARTANS (on a guy)




  2. taffer says:

    Testiclese... wasn't he a Greek hero at Troy?

  3. phreddiva says:

    I want to get the "Think Testicles" shirt for Ray, who lost his nut in the dome.

  4. kyronfive says:

    Woo-hoo! I've been waiting for this moment for years!

  5. bitwise says:

    Interesting. The GIF comment field on the images reads "Copyright Yahoo! Inc". I think that if I signed up for a Yahoo store I'd be a bit irritated that Yahoo seems to claim copyright on my images.

    I'm guessing it's done by an automatic thumbnail generator, but that doesn't make it any more legal: you can't claim copyright on a thumbnail you generated from somebody else's image.

  6. googoobaby says:
    In the middle distance, check out the new playground for this Coatesville, PA, conventional apartment 'complex.' In perfect conformity with our knucklehead zoning laws, the playground occupies its own separate pod so as not to 'contaminate' the other 'activities' in the 'complex' with 'undesirable' byproducts -- i.e. the squeals of children at play. I like to imagine the attached parking lot implies that children will drive to the 'facility' themselves. But of course, the truth is that Mom will drive them there. Since they won't be walking, the tots will have to play extra-hard on the jungle gym to work off the calories from those super-sized Happy Meals they get off-site in the nearby fried food ghetto. Thanks to Sandy Sorlien of Philadelphia's University of the Arts for the photo.
  7. ianiceboy says:

    I saw one on a subtitled foreign show once that just read 'Naïve'.