rocket powered shopping cart

Wacky Andy Tyler sits in a 50mph shopping cart after fitting a JET ENGINE. Its metal glows red hot at temperatures up to 600°C, so he has to sit with his back to a heat shield.

The microlight instructor, 35, built the gas and liquid fuel pulse jet from instructions off the internet. He pulled the trolley from a river and splashed £50 on scrap wheels, brakes and a steering device.

The dad of two, from Beccles, Suffolk, said: "It can't go on roads, runs out of fuel after two minutes and at over 50mph becomes unstable. People think I'm off my trolley but it's exhilarating."

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  1. c0nsumer says:

    ...reminds me of the pulse jet go-kart from a few years back.

    Both would be great, but noisy fun.

    Also worth noting is SRL's Flame Hurricane made of pulse jets and shields. There's a great video of it there, too.

    • lrc says:

      I had some friends who worked for Truax when they were in Redwood City. They built a pulse jet powered gokart too. I got to drive it. Not much thrust, but it kept pushing, and pushing. The sucker went over 50mph, and it was loud. Lound enough to push the bastard 50mph. Not much in the way of brakes though.

  2. rivetpepsquad says:



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  4. recursive says:

    That thing needs wings. It practically looks like an ultralight already.

  5. lherrera says:

    People think I'm off my trolley[...]
    And they are so right.

  6. roninspoon says:


  7. googoobaby says:
    Here's the south entrance of Saratoga's Congress Park, eleven acres designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. Notice how gracefully the stroller is delivered from the sylvan realm of the park, through the lovely gothic revival gates, to the real American world of Parking Lot Nation. Is there any doubt that we are living in a National Automobile Slum? The piece-of-crap Modernist structure in the background is the Holiday Inn.
  8. denizenz says:

    Holy crap that is the coolest thing I have ever seen. Almost as good as the site I found that showed you how to make a flamethrower out of household goods. Mind if I add you? Your stuff entertains me immensely.