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Face Corsets!

Mr Hartley explained: "I wanted to make a series of garments in response to facial ideals of today. I was interesting in how the soft tissues of the face can be manipulated, moved around and changed. It's the same way that body corsets were used to change the figure."

He designed some of the facial corsets to mimic results of surgery to augment cheeks with the use of implants and lip enhancement in response to botox injection treatments. Others redirect the lips and cheeks contrary to the accepted ideals of the 'western face'.

Rearranging faces is one of a series of free events being held at the Science Museum's Dana Centre, London, which are dedicated to exploring the future of face research and are running from 5 October until 2 December 2004.

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21 Responses:

  1. kumimonster says:

    that is interesting

    i wish i'd seen it when i was over last week.

    seems it would be a fitting show to pair up with the body works one currently in los angeles.

  2. azul_ros says:

    That's totally freaky looking. But I like the guy's idea to come up with this. I wonder if this might take off in the fetish scene? For the real weird fetish people...

  3. feren says:

    I'm naming my nightmares after you.

  4. endquote says:

    What's the song in your title? I totally just heard that recently, probably from my own library, and it's going to bug me til I know.

  5. endquote says:

    And, on topic:

    Didn't his mother tell him his face would stick that way if he kept doing that?

  6. I had to adblock the pics you posted. Gyeeeeaaaarkgh! /chunks

  7. nerpdawg says:


    Where do people come UP with this stuff?

    It's pretty simple. If you suspect something you're doing is unhealthy and kinda freaky, stop doing it. If you must persist, DONT POST IT ON THE INTERNET.

  8. aerodroma says:

    First of all... WTF! Yes, someone must have been bored or off their chops with this concept... but then again... it would sound like something I would come up with! You see, this is what happens when you throw a couple of psychotic lunatics in a basement for a couple of weeks. I'm allowed to say that because I am mentally derranged :-P

  9. ydna says:

    With a mother only a face could love.

  10. bifrosty2k says:

    This reminds me of the fun I used to have with scotch tape when I was a kid :)

    I'd tape my face in different ways and look extra odd!