Gibson Reagan

gibsonfeed wrote:
"Reagan's presidency put the grit in my dystopia. His presidency was the fresh kitty litter I spread for utterly crucial traction on the icey driveway of uncharted futurity. His smile was the nightmare in my back pocket."
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11 Responses:

  1. zenmonkeykstop says:

    ...and when his presidency was was drenched in the feline urine of trickle-down economics, it swelled and grew into the sticky grey goo that gummed up the wheels of the probable.

    • loosechanj says:

      The problem with trickle-down economics is that it alerted the tricklers, who promptly began looking for the leaks.

      • zenmonkeykstop says:

        Also, it was batshit crazy.

        • loosechanj says:

          That's more a feature of the parent concept, "economics".

        • en_ki says:

          What is is about batshit that's so crazy?

          • jwz says:

            I suggest you look into batshit. It's pretty crazy. It seethes. Guano is no ordinary pile of shit, it's this blob-like pulsating organism. It is -- in truth -- some crazy shit indeed.

          • edlang says:

            Kibo owns bats, and these bats shit. The craziness is passed.

          • flipping_hades says:

            Did you know that you can use bat shit as justification for the annexation of new lands to the United States?

            Whenever any citizen of the United States discovers a deposit of guano on any island, rock, or key, not within the lawful jurisdiction of any other Government, and not occupied by the citizens of any other Government, and takes peaceable possession thereof, and occupies the same, such island, rock, or key may, at the discretion of the President, be considered as appertaining to the United States.

            From Yup, that's right —

  2. ideaspace says:

    So, not Mel, then.

  3. omni_ferret says:

    ... oh, not that much newer. I was watching wm_gibson_feed instead, and that hasn't noticed that he's started writing again.