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I could use some debugging help from someone who has a deep understanding of "pf" on OpenBSD 3.5; specifically, queueing. If this is you, please mail me! Thanks...
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  1. cryptomail says:

    If no one from here answers, I believe there are *many* capable people on the mailing lists (

  2. altamira16 says:

    "Is he too proud to ask on the openBSD mailing lists?"
    "He should upgrade to 3.6."

    • mark242 says:

      "Why are you using pf on OpenBSD when iptables on Redhat is so much better? God, don't bother us with such questions. Upgrade your en0 device to the latest cvs snapshot and raise your limit of open file descriptors."

  3. tinatinz says:

    hi, i just would like to ask how you can paste pictures on your blog entry. i was hoping you could help me. thank you