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DÑÄ Löüñgë üpdätë, whërëïñ Pölänð ïs förgöttën.

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  1. ralesk says:

    But my dęąŕ Mŕ. Żąwińśky, yóu ćóułd hąwę ąt łęąśt uśęd Półisz diąćŕitićś!

  2. *bounce bounce bounce*

    YES! this IS the most wonderful time of the year--i love walking downtown, watching the rush of people leaving work, only instead of a sea of corporate fucks in suits, there's clowns and wonder womans and CRAZY SHIT! oh yes.

    figured out a costume yet?
    (i.e., want to spoil the surprise?)

    i think i really WILL use your suggestion from last year--except with a sign, not a booth. FUCK that sitting-still shit.

    i need to calm down.

    • jwz says:

      I did. And it's a surprise. I have more sewing to do. Giant mousetrap sounds slightly intriguing, but it also sounds like it's in the axis of "kiss your bike goodbye"-stan.

      • i am sitting here, trying to conjure up a mental image of you sewing, sir.

        it's not working.

        also, I WANNA KNOW! TELL ME!
        ok, so don't.

        i am also told that the labyrinth inside the barn itself is fucking awesome, but doesn't take too long to do, if you had other things to fly away to.

        and i'm sure you could drag your bike down the hill into the party with you--you never been down there?

        anyways, you're welcome to come drink with us, if you feel like getting your stupid on.

        • jwz says:

          I have not.

          Where is your stupid stupiding?

          (Also ironing.)

          • where? currently, the stupid is happening out on my mezzanine, where there is interpretive dance (in *bathrobes*, nonetheless) being done to some song by the Anal Cunts called "I Respect Your Feelings".

            (that's right: my life's a rich tapestry, thx.)

            sooner or later, all this dumb will get poured into a car, and wil roll down evans to the haunted barn site. maybe an hour or so, i'd say. who can tell?

            and: IRONING.

            my god.

            are you TRYING to break my brain, sir?

            do you have a frilly little apron, too?

          • violentbloom says:

            yes but did you ever learn how to not burn water?

  3. baconmonkey says:

    I swear the crutchshadows shinger is the bastartd love chile fo Robert Smith and Tyler

  4. revglenn says:

    hey man, you got some great pictures of us last night!
    you run an awesome club man. our best shows are always there, and it's without a doubt my favorite venue to play.
    (this is glenn from Tesseract7 btw)

  5. (I know, it's so hard to tell any more in these post-ironic times. Half the time I can't tell whether I'm serious or not.)

    Hint: just pretend you're serious all the time, unless you say something which gets you into trouble, then claim you were just kidding.

    They had live guitar and violin again, and dancers in skimpy costumes. Like I keep saying, laptop bands take note: if you don't have a show, hire one.


    Recently I was at the local uni band-comp (one of my friends had been drafted into a band as a drummer) and there was a band (yes, the one my friend had been drafted into) which couldn't decide whether it was aiming for brit-pop, ambient-laptop-synth or jazz. The band consisted of two singers/guitarists doing their best "Blur" impressions (despite the fact they couldn't really sing), a bassist, a drummer, a guy behind a laptop playing Industrial Minesweeper or something, and a scantily-clad girl playing violin (terribly) and occasionally shrieking (even more terribly). I've never seen the Crüxshadows play, so I didn't make the connection, but I did realise that there was something very wrong about the sounds she was making. Her voice was a cross between a braking car and fingernails down a chalkboard. Or maybe the sound a cat would make if you tried to feed it into a blender.

    Plus, she just wouldn't shut up. Despite the audible groans coming from the audience each time she opened her mouth or scraped her bow across the strings, she never took the hint, and continued to torture us with a manic enthusiasm. Apparently the other guys in the band all thought she was wonderful (so my friend told me after the show when I was complaining at him), but putting her in front of a mic was a real war-crime.

    Anyway, my point is: scantily-clad women with violins are not always the solution to the problem. Some bands just suck.


    • jwz says:

      I wasn't talking about violin girl. She's actually a, whattayacallit, musician. I was talking about the gogo dancers. "Laptops + guys playing tetris = dj. Laptops + gogo dancers = performance art." It won't make your band sound better, but it'll make there be something to watch.

  6. jck says:

    "it's so hard to tell any more in these post-ironic times. Half the time I can't tell whether I'm serious or not."

    Once again, life imitates the Simpsons:

    Kid 1: Dude, are you like, being sarcastic?
    Kid 2: (forlornly) ...I don't even know anymore.

    Also, these were particularly good shots of the show, although I suppose it helps that many of them are of go-go dancers...