Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney: A brief yet horrifying timeline of his life (companion to a Canadian documentary.) "Unleash the hounds!"

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  1. purgatorius says:

    It's too bad that they don't make Mr. Burns the Mayor of Springfield. He could invade Shelbyville and drill for oil.

  2. captain18 says:

    I want a higher res image of that link pic.

  3. jenlight says:

    oh man, that's perfect!

  4. capka3m says:

    Somehow nobody noticed that it was a duel between Vader and Luke. How Vader used his bureaucratic skill, pissed Luke off, Luke counterattacked with dozens of indiscriminate blows, then both cried a bit on family matters, and then Luke finished the Dark Lord off.

  5. xionin says:

    how perfect is that!

    ::tee hee::