a stroll in the pork

Again, how can there be no photos?

Pig guts cause smelly traffic jam

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas -- Emergency service workers had their stomachs turned when they cleaned up a smelly mess of spilled pig innards that blocked a busy Arkansas intersection for several hours Tuesday. Police said a truck spilled about 1,000 pounds of hog intestines fresh from a packing plant. The mess in the state capital, Little Rock, left several cleanup workers queasy.

"It was horrible. Oh, it was bad," said Sgt. Terry Hastings of the Little Rock police department.

The truck was carrying the entrails from a rendering plant to a facility where dog food is manufactured when the driver made an abrupt stop. The container was covered only by a tarp, which did not prevent the viscera from sloshing into the crossroads, police said.

Firefighters used bleach and fire hoses to flush away the mess. When asked to describe the scene, Hastings was almost at a loss for words. "Nasty, nasty. Phew," Hastings said.


17 Responses:

  1. acpizza says:

    From a distance I imagine they look rather unremarkable.

    Up close.. well, you'd really need a good perspective photo, and from the sound of it, those who did get that close didn't enjoy it too much.

    • rzr_grl says:

      *That* is totally the photo!

      The normally stoic cops squishing up their faces and plugging their noses, maybe even slipping in the viscera a bit, all shot upwind with a 400mm!

      Perhaps I have found a niche.

  2. ellyjonez says:

    *insert requisite 'another reason to be a vegetarian' comment here*

    also, i even feed my cat organic meat cat food. i don't want her eating that disgusting rendered shit. they even render dead cats and dogs from shelters for pet food. sick.

    • baconmonkey says:


      About 3 p.m., several drivers reported a thick, black liquid oozing from both northbound and southbound I-5 near the Fresno County Line.

      At first, authorities thought there was a hazardous material spill. Specialists took a sample of the liquid and tested it. It was determined to be tomato juice, the CHP reported.

      The juice came from a tomato truck accident in the area six months earlier. The juice from spilled tomatoes soaked into the asphalt and dried. The rain rehydrated the tomato remains.

      • gths says:

        Heh. A family friend of my grandparents who was a cop said that he couldn't eat margarine again after he had to attend an accident involving a tanker full of the stuff...

    • semiclever says:

      I'd think as a vegetarian you'd be happy that every part of the animal gets some use, rather than causing all that suffering just for a couple of pork chops. In some parts of the world (and better Vietnamese noodle shops everywhere) offal are eaten as a normal part of the diet.

  3. loosechanj says:

    It's a shame smellu smellme is still in beta test.

  4. baconmonkey says:

    I have seen the truth, and I scoff at your Robot Masters

    • acpizza says:

      The next time I run into an unskippable Bacardi ad in front of an internet video, I am going to take the hint, hit pause, and save the URL for a later time when a bunch of already buzzed people are around.

  5. schnee says:

    Damn. Why does the article not have a picture?

  6. valacosa says:

    "The container was covered only by a tarp..."
    Uhhh...shouldn't stuff like that be in a refrigerated truck? I know it's only pet food, but this sounds like a pretty ghetto "pet food" operation to me. What about the toxins bacterium leave behind?

  7. baconmonkey says:

    clearly you need to subscribe to a real-time satellite imaging service.

  8. crasch says:

    That's it. I'm never eating Alpo again.

  9. crackmonkey says:

    I think this is likely to be an oft experienced event in Arkansas and thus unworthy of even the slightest waste of film. I mean, where else do pig gut foodstuffs come from?

  10. webserf says:

    When it comes to environmental policies, Arkansas is apparently firmly in the Bush camp.