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I could use some debugging help from someone who has a deep understanding of "pf" on OpenBSD 3.5; specifically, queueing. If this is you, please mail me! Thanks...
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spelling is overrated, especially at libraries

Livermore Library Embarrassed By Mural

After a $40,000 ceramic mural was unveiled outside Livermore's new library, everyone could see the misspelled names of Einstein, Shakespeare, Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo and seven other historical figures.

Reached at her Miami studio Wednesday by The Associated Press, Maria Alquilar said she was willing to fix the brightly colored 16-foot-wide circular work [for another $6,000 plus expenses], but offered no apologizes for the 11 misspellings among the 175 names.

"The importance of this work is that it is supposed to unite people," Alquilar said. "They are denigrating my work and the purpose of this work."

There were plenty of people around during the installation who could and should have seen the missing and misplaced letters, she said.

The mistakes wouldn't even register with a true artisan, Alquilar said. "The people that are into humanities, and are into Blake's concept of enlightenment, they are not looking at the words," she said. "In their mind the words register correctly."

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Tyrannosaur Feathers

New Dinosaur Discovered: T. Rex Cousin Had Feathers

A tiny, earlier cousin of Tyrannosaurus rex sported at least a partial coat of hairlike feathers, scientists reported today. Although predicted by several paleontologists, the discovery marks the first time featherlike structures have been directly observed on a tyrannosaurid.

According to Norell, the American Museum of Natural History paleontologist, large adult tyrannosaurs like T. rex probably lacked primitive feathers, an indication that the hairlike structures evolved to insulate warm-blooded dinosaurs rather than to enable flight.

"It's doubtful a 40-foot-long tyrannosaur was covered with this stuff, if we are right that [the feathers] were needed for insulation. As the dinosaurs get bigger, they need to dump heat, not hold onto it," Norell said. Xu added that even large dinosaurs like T. rex may have had feathers when they were young. "They are not likely to be completely featherless animals for [their] whole life," he said."

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Hints to young consumers: X-Ray Specs do not really work.

Vein camera keeps injections on target

It looks like a ghoulish Halloween trick. Yet the device, which projects a creepy green video image of a patient's veins onto their skin, is about to go on trial in a US hospital. The idea is that it will help staff to pinpoint a suitable vein for an injection or a drip.

The prototype of the system, which he calls a vein contrast enhancer (VCE), uses a near-infrared camera to capture a real-time video image of the patient's veins, a PC to enhance the contrast of the image and a desktop video projector to display it on the skin in real time.

Zeman has now miniaturised the VCE system to fit it in a package the size of a shoebox, making it portable enough to be mounted on an intravenous drip stand. Three prototypes will begin clinical trials at a hospital in Tennessee later in 2004.

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